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10 Common Reasons for CDR Report Rejection

10 Common Reasons for CDR Report Rejection

No matter how competent engineer you are for Australian immigration, you must prove your competency with an effective CDR report. It is because being a qualified engineer and showing your engineering skills via a CDR are two quite different things.

Even if you have an excellent command of English writing, there is no guarantee that your report will get a positive assessment. It is because countless CDRs reach the EA office for assessment. Therefore, EA has many options to choose from. In such circumstances, only flawless and effective reports can hit the right mark.

Therefore, knowing the common mistakes in a CDR is a must for you. Apart from that, you should also know how to avoid them.

Having taken this fact into account, we have written this blog to familiarize you with some common mistakes in this report. So, read the whole blog investing your undivided attention.

10 common mistakes that lead to CDR rejection:

  1. If your report has too many photos, tables or diagrams, then it becomes complicated. The assessment authority (EA) is not able to recognize the competency essentials they are looking for. So, everything has to be within a limit.
  2. Not reading the descriptions of the ANZSCO and EA guidelines carefully before writing your report. You’d better read these details properly. After that, ask yourself which parts of your career growth can help best define these specific competencies. In the end, work on your essay draft.
  3. Your Career Episodes must be with a clear introduction, major engineering activities you decided to define and a Summary. The text you write has to cover as ample competency elements as per the Summary Statement format.
  4. The word limit for all three Career Episodes is between 1000 and 2500. Provide every piece of information necessary. Apart from that, address all of the EA’s competency issues impressively within this given word limit.
  5. You’d better fill your Career Episodes with problem statements. Besides that, mention the relevant measures you performed to sort them out. In addition to this, include the project/task details you took part in. Aside from that, mention the exact roles and responsibilities you handled in the project.
  6. Lack of technical design: Your CDR report has to be sound technically. If not writing a technical write-up, you CDR will face rejection.
  7. You must adhere to the format as given by EA. Besides that, make sure that your work is free from spelling or grammar mistakes. Another thing to note down here is you must write your CDR report in Australian English.
  8. Plagiarized content: you just take references from online sources, and don’t copy content from them. If it’s about the Australian Migration Assessment, plagiarism is a major issue. So, read the online sources or CDRs only for knowing the format and guidelines.
  9. Keep your CDR career episodes different. Out of 3, one CE has to have one type of project only. Aside from that, keep your career episodes personal. It means you should talk about your achievements, not your team’s.
  10. Last but not least, not providing necessary documents along with your CDR can also lead to rejection. So, hire a reliable CDR report help expert to get your report written.

Necessary documents you need to submit along with your CDR report:

The following is a list of the required documents you need to submit along with your CDR:

  • Documented evidence of employment as in your CDR report’s career episodes and employment proof for the last one year
  • Your professional registration certificate, if applicable
  • Name change documentation, if applicable
  • Updated CV or resume
  • Your current passport page having your name and photo on it
  • TOEFL iBT or IELTS result
  • Official and complete academic transcripts
  • Latest passport-sized photo
  • Academic degree certificate

How to prepare an excellent CPD (Continuing Professional Development)?

Continuing Professional Development or CPD has everything you did and learnt to keep yourself updated in your engineering field. It gives EA a clear idea of your progress or development as an engineer after attaining your undergraduate degree.

For EA, the CPD has to be in a listing format and keep it not more than A4 size paper long. This listing might include the following details:

  1. Books, manuals and journals you studied to gain more knowledge and understanding about your engineering area expertise
  2. Any technical inspections, seminars, meetings, workshops, discussions and short-term courses you had
  3. Any mentoring or volunteering work you might have performed that is related to your engineering field
  4. Conferences you have been to
  5. Technical materials you presented and prepared in different types of seminars, symposiums, conferences and courses
  6. Details of your postgraduate study (despite being a distant course)

Why you should hire a CDR report writing professional:

The following are the major reason for hiring a CDR help professional:

As an Australian immigration aspirant, you will get assurance that your report will definitely bring you a positive result. It is because the professionals who will prepare your CDR are well versed in EA guidelines, assessment criteria and the Australian engineering atmosphere. Due to this, they don’t face any problems in preparing an excellent CDR report.

You will have a guarantee of on-time delivery. It is because the expert works under experienced quality analysts and plagiarism detection experts. Due to this, they don’t take much time in completing the report even if you place your order at the last minute.

The firm will provide you with free reference materials and helpful bibliographies. Apart from that, you will get free professional advice from your engineering field specialist. All these things will help you prepare for Australia immigration as an engineer much better.

An unlimited free correction will also be provided to you. This free service will allow you to ask the writer to make edits to your CDR report. You can ask them as many times as you want, and they will do it without asking for extra.

If you need further information about the CDR report, contact us.


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