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10 helpful tips to keep your air conditioners clean and keep the air fresh

10 helpful tips to keep your air conditioners clean and keep the air fresh

Is the scorching summer heat making you think of installing an air conditioner in your house right away? If that is the case, then it is of primary importance that you are made aware of the maintenance an air conditioner needs to give you maximum cooling. We mostly mean cleaning when we say maintenance. Singapore tends to have a warmer climate as a tropical country, making it eligible for having a greater number of consumers of air conditioners.

Preferably for proper maintenance, you should go for an aircon chemical cleaning service in Singapore once a year. For that, it might be required to survey aircon chemical cleaning price.  Particularly if it fails to properly lower the room’s temperature. Typically, the air conditioner fails to cool properly or takes longer than usual to cool. You can also notice unexpected noise and bad air quality.

Apart from that, annual cleaning and maintenance are required to keep your air conditioner functioning for longer. Contacting Aircon cleaning Singapore is the finest option for keeping your air conditioner clean and healthy.

How to clean the inside unit properly?

It is important to clean both the outer as well as inner units. To clean the inner unit using a soft brush is a good idea to dust off any accumulation of debris. The evaporator units must be thoroughly cleaned. You can try cleaning the evaporator unit with a no-rinse cleaner. All you need to do is just spray it in, and you will have a squeaky-clean coil. Try doing the procedure on a warm day, as when you do the cleaning, the coil gets a good rinse off.

How to properly clean the outer unit?

The outer unit has a condenser coil. It is the part most exposed to atmospheric stress. Thus, it gets really dirty over time. You may require some special equipment to thoroughly clean the condenser coil. Using a cleaning solution for your outer unit coil will be suitable. But you should be extra cautious while using those cleaners as they are quite harsh and may also cause burns. Mix the chemicals following proper directions. Outdoor coil cleaners must not be used to clean up indoor units.

Giving the air filters a good clean is important:

The air filters are the easiest part of maintaining an air conditioner regularly. You can just vacuum them to get rid of any accumulation of dust particles. For deep cleaning, try soaking them in normal temperature water. Put some liquid soap and keep them submerged in that solution for some time.

Check for any leakage:

Check to see whether there is any leaking after the process is completed. The AC drain may spill at times. It can cause your wall to become saturated, compromising the structural integrity of your building.

When do you know that your aircon needs chemical cleaning?

Look for the red alerts that you’re AC might be giving to you. Most of the time, your air conditioner fails to properly cool the room or takes longer than usual to cool it down. You might also notice that your air conditioner is generating strange noises.

It might also create a foul odour at times. Increased electricity bills are another red indication that necessitates air conditioner chemical cleaning. The air quality of our rooms becomes poor with an unlearned air conditioner. It can have adverse effects on our health.

What are the benefits of chemically cleaning your air conditioner?

There are many benefits to cleaning your air conditioner chemically. After a clean-up session, you will see the difference in air quality. A clean AC will take lesser time to cool. Therefore, the power consumption will be a lot less. This way, the whole process will save you a lot of money. It will boost your AC performance and will also extend its life of it. You can breathe fresh air free of any dust or pollutants.

How often should you call for a cleaning?

To keep your ac clean and hygienic, you must call up for cleaning services at least once a year. However, once in 6 months is even better. It will ensure that your AC stays in good condition for a longer period. But the first thing that you should do is to check the user manual provided with the AC machine to get a clear idea about how frequently your machine needs to be cleaned. 

Safety cannot be compromised:

Whatever method you use to clean your air conditioner, never compromise on safety. Always turn off the electricity before beginning any cleaning technique. There are numerous moving parts in an air conditioner. As a result, double-checking that all of the pieces are immobile is critical before handling them. In case of chemically cleaning your units, make sure to handle the chemicals carefully. A lot of times, corrosive chemicals are used in the process of Aircon cleaning Singapore. So, be mindful of that.


By reading all the above given tips, you must have got a lot of information about AC cleaning. We hope that you will definitely take care of your AC by taking care of all these things. Many people make full use of AC, but do not pay attention to it, due to which the AC gets damaged due to lack of maintenance.

After all the discussions about Aircon cleaning Singapore, we can conclude that cleaning your air conditioner every year or even better once in six months came equally is a very good idea. It will not only elongate the life of your AC machine but will also help keep the air quality of your room up to the mark. Fresh air will ensure good health.


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