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10 mind-boggling facts about your favorite Chinese dish

10 mind-boggling facts about your favorite Chinese dish

Introduction: – Does anyone hate Chinese food? Even if some people do not drool at the mention of Chinese food, finding someone like that is difficult. Have you ever wondered why it is so popular all over the world? There are probably several reasons for this. However, the Chinese cuisine available around the world is far from authentic. This cuisine has been adapted and adopted in various ways by various countries.

There is an insane amount of variety in the cuisine. This is why we are always looking for the “best Chinese restaurant near me.” Chinese cuisine is also very popular in south-east Asia, including Malaysia. Every dish is thoroughly enjoyed, from the dumplings to the rice noodles to the chicken chops to the spring rolls.

People frequently search for the best chicken chop in Johor Bahru. Regardless of how much we adore this cuisine; there are a plethora of hidden and fascinating facts about it that we’re sure you’re unaware of.

Is this cuisine the healthiest? 

This country has long been known for its rich ancient culture and the hidden science that underpins everything they do. This is also reflected in their cuisine. The herbs, ingredients and the cooking process they use is incredibly exotic and have numerous health benefits. They cook with very little oil and most of their dishes are made in such a way that their nutritional value is preserved.

The ingredients also have a wide range of medicinal properties. They completely avoid canned and frozen foods. Unlike the West, they believe in only eating fresh produce. They eat lots of vegetables in their everyday meal. This is why their food is fibber rich in contrast to Western food culture. Soups are also widely popular with them.

Contrary to popular belief, soup is served at the end of a meal. There is also a common practice of drinking warm water or herbal tea after every meal.

The variety they have to offer in terms of food is beyond imagination 

In terms of variety, Chinese cuisine has a lot to offer. The country’s 34 provinces have so many different dishes to offer that it is very unlikely that you will eat the same thing twice. They can prepare the same chicken chop Johor Bahru or vegetables in a variety of ways, such as stewed, fried, stir-fried, broth, and so on. However, the flavors vary greatly across the provinces.

8 major culinary cuisine styles have been marked

These are traditionally prepared in traditional cuisine. Each of them has its distinct style and strength.

Travel North to South and you will see a shift in terms of staple foods

Generally, the staple foods of one country do not differ all that much. For example, in Western countries, bread is almost universally consumed. China is an exception in this regard. The staple food varies greatly from province to province. Wheat is widely used in the North. But, regardless of what their staple foods are, tea is widely consumed throughout the country.

Chopsticks over cutlery anytime

Did you know that using a knife and fork to eat your food was considered impolite in traditional China? Because these were considered weapons used in battle, they despised the idea of eating with them. Instead of using forks, they ate bamboo chopsticks. As a result, a large number of chopsticks are consumed. Consider how many bamboo trees must be felled each year to produce that number of chopsticks.

Everything is made bite-sized to fit the chopsticks

The variety of vegetables available is astounding. They also use a wide variety of meats. But whatever they make out of the vegetables and meat, it’s always bite-sized. Using a knife and fork is considered impolite and barbaric. As a result, they use chopsticks instead.

As a result, such bite-sized meals are easy to eat with chopsticks. Foreigners, on the other hand, struggle to eat with chopsticks due to a lack of skill

Are you brave enough to try out the quirkiest items from China?

Everyone knows that China is famous for the weirdest food items. People who’re not from China often get shocked by such food. This includes dog hotpot, rats, scorpions, snakes, hearts, lungs, and intestines to name a few. They are not extremely common though.

The Chinese people do not like to produce a lot of waste

They do not believe in generating a large amount of waste. As a result, you will notice that many times the entire animal is served. They also believe that meat close to the bone is tender and tasty. Bone marrow is thought to be beneficial to one’s health. As a result, they purposefully cut the bone into pieces to extract the marrow. Making bone broth is a common practice.

Are spring rolls your favorite? Well, not for most of the Chinese folks

Surprisingly, they are not well-known in China. This dish is mostly found in the Yangtze River’s southern reaches. Although the original spring rolls do not contain any meat, they do contain vegetables. Another interesting fact is that sushi, which is Japanese cuisine, was invented by the Chinese.

Every Chinese food carries superstitious symbols and significance and they are extravagantly decorated

A lot of superstitious symbols are attached to the different food items. They are commonly based on shapes, sizes, pronunciation, history, and legends. They also believe in having certain foods during certain festivals and seasons. Communal eating is also noticed.

That means they like to share the food with family and friends. They sit together surrounding a round table. Each one of them will sit with a rice bowl in front of them. Lazy Susan turntables are common to see in any restaurant so that everyone can easily get the dishes.

They also tend to push the limits when it comes to decorating the dishes. They use vegetables as well as animals to bring out their creative best to the plates.

Conclusion: – Chinese cuisine has impacted so many other cuisines all over the world. It is hard to find a country where you will not find a Chinese restaurant near me. The popularity remains unparalleled to this date and will certainly continue to do so. In the meantime, you get wowed by these amazing fun facts about your favorite Chinese cuisine while going to a Chinese restaurant near you.


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