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3 Most Trendy Roof Replacement Theories that would Help You Install Your Solar Panel

3 Most Trendy Roof Replacement Theories that would Help You Install Your Solar Panel

Rooftop solar panels are put on the roof and have a 20-25 year operational life. That does not imply that you should insist on the installation right away. The roof condition should be properly evaluated before installation. If your roof is old enough or damaged, the installation will not last as long as it should. If this is the case, the first thing you should do is fix the roof.

Installing a solar panel initially and then uninstalling it for roof repairs after a few years is pointless. In this way, you’ll have to pay more for disassembly and subsequent re-installation. You should also check if your roof has adequate space to withstand the installation. The roof should also be shade-free during the daytime such that the maximum amount of sunlight may be captured.

Los Angeles Deangelo Roofing Company has a proven track record of installing, repairing, and converting solar energy roofs. We work on a range of projects, including residential buildings, commercial structures, homeowners associations (HOAs), restaurants, public buildings, and so on. 

Several premises in Los Angeles are suitable for solar energy installation. However, it is critical to have your home inspected by a professional roofing contractor like us before undertaking any installation work. Ceramic tiles, slate, single-ply, and shingles are just some of the roofing materials we work with. Choosing a reputable roof and solar supplier like us helps justify your investment over time.

Following are 3 key roof placement strategies that one must consider before solar installation: 

1. Make Sure Your Roof is in Good Shape before Solar Installation

When you appoint a roofing company like us, you’ll have sufficient access to proper roof repairs before the installation of your solar panels. It not only ensures the safety of your solar panels but also shields your home from potential damage caused by a faulty solar installation. 

If major structural repairs are required before the solar installation process, we will advise you on the most budget-friendly options. Our thorough inspection ensures that any reinforcement or improvements are completed on time with the induction of quality input. To ensure that all roofing work complies with area requirements, we follow all provincial and local building codes.

2. Locate the Most Appropriate Roof Location for Your Solar Installation

Solar panel installation designs may differ depending on the type of your rooftop and its visual requirements. Our installation process begins with a thorough examination of your property’s complete sun exposure. We’ll look at neighboring shade options as well as periodic weather fluctuations in your vicinity.

Before establishing the entire energy requirement of the solar system, our experts will analyze your property’s consumption of main equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerating systems, and generators. Our roof and solar specialists will develop an installation blueprint for your specific project after obtaining all of this information.

3. Ensure the Safety and Stability of Your Roof for a Considerable Period

Structural stability is one of the most crucial aspects of a rooftop solar installation. We can correctly assess the strength of your property roof before installation. We will document the state of your roofing; detect water leakages and structural damages if any. We also keep in mind the need for roofing repairs. We use it to check the evidence of rodent damage, mold collection, or infestations. 

Other roof elements such as chimneys, seams, attics, and gutters are checked for fastenings, sealing, and stability during our regular roof inspections. You’ll get a thorough overview of any essential or optional repairs, as well as an awareness of how they’ll affect your schedule and budget.


When it comes to implementing the finest solar energy system for your home, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll receive the most effective solution for your demands if you hire an experienced roofing contractor like us to design and install your solar energy system. If you insist, we can inspect your roof and suggest the most desirable option for installing the solar system on your apartment roof.


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