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Home Health 5 acne causing facts you probably did not know before

5 acne causing facts you probably did not know before

5 acne causing facts you probably did not know before


Are you having acne all over your face and feeling clueless about how you can deal with it? Have you already tried all the possible cosmetic treatments available on the market? Do not feel hopeless as you are not alone in that case.

Acne is one of the most common skin concerns faced by men and women both of any age. But, the most severe form of acne is found to happen in teenagers. Several anti-acne treatments are available such as blemish reduction or acne facial SingaporeWe will discuss in this article some of the key factors that can cause or aggravate acne.

What is acne? 

Acne can be identified by red bumps all over the face that can sometimes be painful as well. A combination of bacteria and sebum secreted by the oil glands blocks the hair follicles and causes acne to be formed. Acne may appear not just on the face but also on other parts of the body. Acne can be of several types like fungal acne or hormonal acne etc.

However, one may experience acne at any stage of life. Acne may leave a scar behind or may cause Hyperpigmentation. But, nowadays treatments are available to minimize the appearance of any spots or scars like laser whitening or resurfacing. 

  • Blame your genes –

Are you wondering why a particular product is giving you acne whereas your friend is enjoying using it? This is because you have acne-prone skin and you are sensitive to certain ingredients present in that product. Your genes play an important role when it comes to getting acne on your face. You are more likely to have acne if it runs in your family.

  • Your food choices and lifestyle impact acne breakouts –

If your daily meal includes a lot of sugary, processed and junk food then you will naturally get more acne than usual. Cutting down on sugar and processed food will lower your acne breakouts considerably. Too much consumption of dairy products can also cause acne. Besides, stress, working late hours or inadequate sleep may shoot up your breakouts. Some regular exercise and healthy food habits will surely improve your acne.

  • Building a skincare routine will help –

Following a basic skincare routine will help in reducing the onslaught of acne. Wash your face with a mild cleanser. Try including ingredients like salicylic acid to keep your pores clean and to prevent whiteheads or blackheads.

Using benzoyl peroxide will help kill the acne-causing bacteria. These ingredients can make your skin dry and red therefore using a non-comedogenic moisturiser is a must. You can also try going to a skin clinic where they offer various acne-fighting treatments such as pore clean up facials or anti-acne facials in Singapore.

  • The scars never fade out completely –

Getting rid of scars caused by acne is the most difficult thing. A lot of time this result in a pitted appearance Which occurs due to a lack of collagen production. Modern-day science has come up with several technologies that help minimise the appearance of the scar and big mentation caused by acne. Chemical peeling, laser whitening or dermabrasion will help you lessen the scar caused by acne. 

  • Seek the help of a dermatologist –  

if you fail to control your acne even after trying all the treatments please visit a dermatologist. a lot of time acne caused by hormonal reasons needs special attention and only an expert can help you out in this matter. Moreover, if you’re having fungal acne in that case you need prescription medicine to treat the condition as well.


Every 4 out of 5 people experience acne in their lifetime. It is not possible to completely stop acne breakouts but you can take cheap facial treatment singapore against further aggravation of the condition.


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