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5 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

5 Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Health is important and this takes in all your organs health. Just like all your organs, eye health is also important. 

Why is Eye Health Important?

Most of us are born with a perfect sense of vision and get to see the colours of the world because of our eyes. With the excessive usage of eyes, basic eye care has become a necessity in our daily lives. Because if not taken care of properly, our eyes can get damaged. This damage can go way longer than we expect it to be. Not only in terms of vision but many other eye problems can come with time and more importantly due to our poor eye care practices.

Thus routine checkups and right eye care are important. Many eye health problems can get caught at an early stage. A few years ago, I was on the verge of developing a severe fungal eye infection and was diagnosed during a routine eye checkup at the Imam clinic in Karachi. So, for all the reasons eye checkups and practices are important. 

Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Here are some of the ways that can help you to keep your eyes healthy. All these things can keep your eyes healthy naturally. 

1- Consume right eye foods

Foods play an important role when it comes to eye health. Better eye health is always dependent upon the type of food we are consuming. Thus we should include several important vitamins and minerals in our diets to help our eyes perform well. Among vitamins, vitamin A is particularly important for our overall eye health. Other than this consuming foods rich in antioxidants and good fats can do wonders for our eye health. So, it’s high time that you should start eating towards healthier eyes.

2- Sleep well

You can’t deny the importance of good sleep when it comes to improved health. There are countless benefits of sleeping well for our physical and mental health. Not only this but sleeping well is also important for our vision health. When we take proper 6-8 hours of sleep this ultimately helps to repair our body cells from everyday damage. Further, keeping your eyes away from screens for a good 6-8 hours can be surely beneficial for your overall vision. So, you can work on your sleep hygiene and even take professional help from this. 

3- Be physically active

Physical activity can do wonders to our overall health including our vision health. This not only promotes all the parameters of our health but is quite good in keeping our blood pressure and diabetes in check. With better control over these things, there are lesser chances of us suffering from eye damage. So, there is a dire need of being physically active if you want to keep your eyes healthy.

4- Protect your eyes

Alongside food and sleep, you also need to protect your eyes from external damage. If you work in an outdoor environment during summer, then you should wear eye protection. Other than that, there is occupational exposure to the risk of eye damage and you need to follow the right protocols to protect your eyes from all these things. Wear goggles, use hats or whatever you want to keep your eyes working well.

5- Reduce your screen time

One of the reasons that we might damage our eyes is the excessive use of screens. Be it mobile phones or laptops, we are surrounded by screens all the time. The light emitted from the screen is potentially harmful to the eyes and can take a toll on our eye health. So, if you want to keep your eyes healthy then there is a dire need to be considerate about your screen time. Make sure you keep it regulated and follow the blinking and eye hydrating practices in between. 

Bottom Line!

Eye health is important and can affect any person’s quality of life. We need normally functioning eyes to keep us going and performing our everyday activities. However, the damage to the eyes is nothing to wonder about and many things can cause it. However, if you follow the right eye care practices then you are less likely to suffer from this damage or can delay it. Furthermore, make sure you don’t skip your regular eye checkups to improve your eye health.


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