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6 Ways to Upgrade Your Child’s Playroom

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Child’s Playroom

Having a dedicated playroom for your children is a great perk. It’s an amazing way of keeping the toys and crafts out of the main living space, and there is so much potential to make it a magical area that your children will love to be in every day. If you have a playroom waiting to happen or lacking in a certain something, here are seven easy ways to throw in some upgrades.

Comfy Seats to Rest On Together

What kind of seating do you need for a playroom? Above all else, you need something comfortable where you can sit together and read stories or wind down. It is important that it can be cleaned easily, moved around, and not take up too much vital playing space too. That is what makes something like a gigantic bean bag chair the perfect solution. Not only are they super comfortable, but they also come in a variety of sizes to facilitate co-sitting, and lots of products have completely washable covers. Having somewhere to sit down is non-negotiable, so explore this as a great option.

Floor to Ceiling Storage

A messy room is never good for playing, exploring, or learning. It is better when dedicated children’s spaces are kept tidy and organized in the best possible ways. Clever ideas like floor to ceiling shelving units are one of the easiest things to install. They look great and are highly practical and can be used to keep everything tidied up in dedicated places.

Get Rid of the Carpet

Thinking practically about how to increase the longevity of the play space is also important. Simple things like getting rid of the carpet and installing alternative, easier to clean options like lino or even wood is a smart move. Playtime is often messy and it means things like painting, eating, and muddy boots won’t affect the aesthetic and make the place look disheveled with a hard, durable choice in flooring.

Buy Some Wall Art

Kids’ spaces are meant to be decorated with lots of pictures, words, and colors. Pick some rainbows, animals, and education-based wall stickers, and get those walls looking creative. The kids can even join in and help you pick a theme!

Think About Themed Lights

Cute, themed lights are always a good addition to a playroom. They create an ambiance, are the perfect answer to winding down time, and come in so many options from dinosaurs to butterflies that there is bound to be something that fits in with the rest of the décor.

Nurture Their Imagination

The biggest way that children learn is through their playtime. Nurturing their imagination means focusing on role-play toys like pretend kitchens or shopping carts, and making sure they have all the space to express themselves creatively too. Crafting sessions will always be a central focus, and allowing organic exploration is a great parenting technique that will enable and empower any child of any age.

Upgrading your playroom can be a lot of fun. Measure up the area and make a few pre-plan sketches of what you want the room to look like when it’s all finished. Make space for imagination to run wild and don’t forget the storage!


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