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A Complete Guide To Getting The Right Funeral Flowers For Your Loved Ones

A Complete Guide To Getting The Right Funeral Flowers For Your Loved Ones

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things a person can go through. As a friend or family member of someone who has lost a loved one, it is critical to offer condolences and reassure them that they are loved and cared for at this terrible time. However, finding the appropriate words to explain how we feel may be difficult, which is why people from many cultures give a funeral flower bouquet to celebrate the life of the person who has gone away and to bring hope and consolation to the family.

What’s the difference between sympathy flowers and funeral flowers?

Giving funeral flowers is one of the world’s oldest funeral customs. In Iraq, archaeologists discovered remnants of flowers placed as a memorial in tombs dating back over 62,000 years.

Funeral flowers are still a custom in many different cultures throughout the world thousands of years later.

Funeral flowers Singapore is a tribute to the departed and is delivered straight to the funeral home for the funeral service. Sympathy flowers should be sent to the deceased’s house and addressed to a loved one who has recently lost a loved one.

Flowers are a traditional method to convey sadness and condolences after someone has died. Customs differ by country, and understanding how to choose and organize the proper arrangement might be difficult.

The arrangement you choose for flowers should tell the same tale as the relationship you had with the recipient. Was the person who died your life’s love? Is it a close or distant relative? A close friend? Here are some pointers to help you choose the proper flowers.

What Flowers Should You Send at a Funeral?


If someone remarks, “This area smells like a funeral home,” it’s likely that a lily is nearby. This intensely scented blossom is frequently regarded as the go-to funeral flower, and it has important value. Lilies represent the deceased’s spirit returning to a serene state of innocence.

This flower is said to represent purity, virginity, and the light of the soul by Christians. This flower is said to have been used to cover the grave of the Virgin Mary.

Peace Lily:

The peace lily plant, like the flower, represents innocence and the rebirth of the departed’s spirit from the complicated physical world to a higher location.

Tip: This is an excellent gift to send to someone you know who is mourning since it will stay a long time in their home or business.


Roses, like lilies, are popular and fitting funeral flowers, and each hue has a somewhat different meaning. White flowers are the epitome of spirituality, innocence, and purity. The iconic deep red rose expresses affection and loss during a funeral. Friendship is typically shown with the gift of a yellow rose. Dark pink roses, which are rarer, are used to offer gratitude to the bereaved.

Roses can be used as a coffin spray, standing spray, or wreath, or blended with other flowers.


Orchids, regardless of color, convey the same global meaning: “I will always adore you.”

Orchid plants are very thoughtful gifts. These remain longer in the home or workplace than orchids in an arrangement.


Unlike other flowers, chrysanthemums have different meanings across the world. The connotations in America and Europe are centered on sympathy and honor. The hue also has an impact on the meaning. White represents innocence, while a red represents love.

In Asia, chrysanthemums are offered during baby showers rather than funerals because they signify rebirth.


Funeral wreaths and standing sprays frequently feature carnations. Each hue has its meaning, much as other flowers. The crimson represents love, while the white represents innocence. Pink carnations, which are said to have been produced from the Virgin Mary’s tears, are a suitable option for Catholic and many other Christian funerals.

Carnations are used by talented florists to create stunning arrangements that mimic sports logos, favorite activities, and other personalized tributes.


These are usually used in a mixed flower arrangement. There are several interpretations of the word, ranging from “you’re in my prayers” to “deep pain.”

Tip: This flower is associated with sports, games, and rashness, so be careful not to offend!


This flower’s significance isn’t as well-known as the others, yet many people feel it represents deep emotional sentiments.

The plant form of this flower, like the peace lily, will always endure longer than the cut arrangement.

What kind of flower bouquet should you send?

Garlands, coffin inserts, and casket sprays are often chosen by the family. Choose a wreath, crucifix, or spray to stand on an easel if you’re a member of the extended family or a close friend and wish to send a large arrangement to be presented alongside the coffin or gravesite. Otherwise, a basket, vase, or pot arrangement is a great option.

Where should the funeral flowers be delivered?

You can send a huge arrangement to the funeral home or the funeral site if it’s to be exhibited alongside the casket. Smaller floral arrangements can be exhibited at the funeral or given to the family’s home as a token of your condolences.

What about plants in containers?

Send a lovely potted plant or basket to the funeral home or the family’s residence. Potted flowers and plants, as an alternative to cut flowers, go on long after the funeral is over and can provide solace to your loved ones in the future.

What happens if the family requests donations in place of flowers?

While it’s ideal to follow the family’s wishes and send a donation rather than a huge arrangement to the funeral home at this time, a modest basket or potted plant delivered to the family’s house after the funeral may still offer your condolences and support.

What flowers should you send at a funeral?

Carefully read the funeral notification. Many families add information on where flowers should be sent in their obituary or another public message. Florists can locate the location for you if you know the deceased’s name.

It’s better to honor the family’s desire for contributions instead of flowers during the funeral. Cut flowers, baskets, or potted plants can be delivered to the house in addition to a gift. Sending flowers or a potted plant to the house is permissible if you learn of the funeral months after it has occurred.

What kind of layout is most appropriate?

Take into account your relationship with the deceased. The kind of homage you give depends on how close you were. A coffin spray, for example, maybe requested by close relatives, but it would not be suitable to send by friends or coworkers. A tribute of red roses from a loved one might be more suitable.

A wreath is by far the most common choice for funerals, and most people will ask for a wreath to be built up to a particular value using the flowers they have selected. Because a circle represents eternal life, a wreath is a popular flower arrangement.

Along with wreaths, other common arrangements include sprays, hearts and pillows, and unique tributes.

How do you order funeral flowers?

Flowers can be delivered to a memorial, visitation, funeral, cemetery service, or the family’s home. For the coffin, service, and house of the mourning, we provide a broad range of alternatives.

A wreath or spray on a free-standing easel is simple to install and move about for funeral workers and a lovely complement to a funeral ceremony.


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