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A Guide for Mozambican and Myanmar Citizens

A Guide for Mozambican and Myanmar Citizens


Planning a trip to India as a Mozambican or Myanmar citizen? Navigating the intricacies of obtaining a visa can sometimes be a daunting task. Thankfully, the Indian government offers electronic visas (eVisas) for citizens of many countries, including Mozambique and Myanmar. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining an INDIAN VISA FOR MOZAMBICAN CITIZENS of these two countries, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

The Convenience of eVisas

Gone are the days of lengthy paperwork and long waiting times at embassies. The introduction of electronic visas, or eVisas, has revolutionized the visa application process for international travelers. Both Mozambican and Myanmar citizens can take advantage of this streamlined approach to secure their Indian visas conveniently online.

Mozambican Citizens Eligibility

Mozambican citizens planning to visit India can apply for an INDIAN VISA FOR MYANMAR CITIZENS if their purpose of travel falls under one of three categories: Tourism, Business, or Medical. The eVisa allows travelers to stay in India for a maximum of 60 days for tourism and business purposes, while medical eVisas can be granted for up to 60 days or the duration of the medical treatment, whichever is less.

Application Process for Mozambican Citizens

Online Application: Visit the official Indian eVisa website ( and fill out the online application form. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents handy, including a scanned copy of your passport’s biographical page and a passport-sized photograph.

Payment: Pay the required visa fee online using a credit or debit card. The fee varies depending on the type of eVisa you are applying for.

Confirmation: Once your application is successfully submitted and the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email with an application ID. This is essential for tracking your visa status.

eVisa Approval: The processing time for eVisas is usually within 4 business days. Once approved, you will receive an email containing the eVisa as a PDF attachment. Make sure to carry a printed copy of this eVisa with you during your travels.

Myanmar Citizens Eligibility

Similar to Mozambican citizens, Myanmar citizens can also apply for Indian eVisas for the purposes of Tourism, Business, or Medical treatment. The duration of stay and other terms are the same as those for Mozambican citizens.

Application Process for Myanmar Citizens

Online Application: Start by visiting the official Indian eVisa website ( and filling out the online application form. Keep your passport details, passport-sized photograph, and other necessary information ready.

Fee Payment: The visa fee varies based on the type of eVisa. Choose a payment method from the options provided on the website and complete the payment.

Confirmation: After successfully submitting your application and making the payment, a confirmation email with your application ID will be sent to you. This ID will be helpful for checking the status of your visa application.

eVisa Approval: The processing time for eVisas is usually around 4 business days. Once approved, an email containing your eVisa as a PDF will be sent to you. Be sure to print a copy of the eVisa to present at the Indian immigration counter upon arrival.

Benefits of Indian eVisa for Mozambican and Myanmar Citizens

The introduction of eVisas has brought numerous benefits to Mozambican and Myanmar citizens planning to visit India:

Ease of Application: The entire application process can be completed online, eliminating the need for in-person visits to embassies or consulates.

Time-Efficient: With a processing time of around 4 business days, eVisas offer a quicker alternative to traditional visa applications.

Secure and Reliable: The official Indian eVisa website ensures the security of your personal and payment information.

Clear Information: The online application form provides step-by-step guidance, making the process user-friendly even for first-time applicants.


Securing an Indian visa for Mozambican and Myanmar citizens has become much more convenient thanks to the introduction of eVisas. By following the outlined steps and ensuring all necessary documentation is in order, travelers from these countries can embark on their Indian adventures with ease and confidence. Make sure to plan your trip well in advance to allow ample time for visa processing, and get ready to explore the vibrant and culturally rich land of India.


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