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Astrology: The Basis of the Zodiac Signs and Planets

Astrology: The Basis of the Zodiac Signs and Planets
The Basis of the Zodiac Signs and Planets

Our solar system comprises eight planets, 1 star (the Sun), and countless other celestial bodies. In the science of Astrology, all of these have a role to play, especially the planets and the Sun, as their energy hugely affects the “Signs Of Zodiac.” In Astrology, we usually state this phenomenon as “this particular Zodiac Sign is ruled by this particular planet.”

What is a Zodiac in Astrology? 

The mythical route through which the Sun is said to be constantly revolving around our planet, Earth, in a time span of one whole year, is understood to be known as the Zodiac. You may need to get help from any world famous astrologer in india for your related concern of zodiac.

The route is worded as ‘mythical’ as it’s now realized that it’s the Earth that revolves around the Sun and not the other way round. This form of expression of the particular idea, being used in a continuous manner, is better kept for the present.

Signs of Zodiac

When the process of revolving the Sun around the Earth occurs, the Sun appears to be entering a significant area of thirty days constellations of stars. Simunteounesely, the constellations affect the Earth and also humans’ sign of the Zodiac. 

In simple terms, the zodiac signs are associated with people and planets. It connects the individual with the planets in the universe and determines their traits and nature.

The Zodiac Signs And The Planets

  • The first sign of the Zodiac in the study of astrology is Aries, Mangal (The Ram). It rules from March 21st to April 19th every year.
  • The second Zodiac Sign is Taurus, Venus (Bull). Its reign begins on April 20th and ends on May 19th. 
  • The third Zodiac Sign in Astrology is Gemini, Mercury (The Twins). It rules from May 20th till June 19th.
  • The fourth sign of the Zodiac is Cancer, Moon (the Crab). Its reign begins on June 19th and lasts till July 23rd.
  • The fifth zodiac sign according to Astrology is Leo, Sun (the Lion). It rules from July 24th to August 22nd.
  • The sixth sign of the Zodiac is Virgo, Mercury (the Virgin). It reigns from August 23rd to September 21st.
  • The seventh zodiac sign is the Libra, Venus (the Balance). Its rule lasts from September 22nd to October 21st.
  • The eighth sign of the Zodiac in the study of Astrology is the Scorpio, Mangal (the Scorpion). This sign reigns from October 22nd till November 20th.
  • The ninth sign is the Sagittarius, Jupiter (the Archer). It rules from November 21st till December 20th, according to Astrology.
  • The tenth zodiac sign is the Capricorn, Saturn (the Sea-Goat). It reigns from December 21st till January 19th.
  • The eleventh sign of the Zodiac is the Aquarius, Saturn (the Water-Bearer). Its dominance begins on January 20th and lasts till February 18th.
  • According to the study of Astrology, the twelfth and the last of zodiac signs is the Pisces, Jupiter (the Fishes). Its rule starts on February 19th and ends on March 20th.

Last words

These divisions of periods/dates are called “Degrees” and not “Days.” There are thirty degrees in each of the zodiac signs except Cancer, as it has 35 degrees (days) to complete, then usually a time cycle of 1 whole year/365 days. The Signs of Zodiac, their relation to the planets, meaning behind the planets, are the very basis of Astrology.


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