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Custom Packaging The Thing You Forget About

Custom Packaging The Thing You Forget About

Dedicated boxes can transform your eCommerce experience from casual to personalized. Would you love your package if it was bubble wrapped in a brown Styrofoam box with a copy of the bill pinned to the side? Or would you prefer a beautiful, colorful box with striking concepts and a handwritten thank you note? This is where custom chests come in.

Packaging boxes are almost a necessity these days, especially with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping. Statistics show that almost 75% of people shop online at least once a month, thanks to platforms like Amazon.

Premium packaging is a way to boost marketing, loyalty, and sales. One way to achieve this is to use a custom box.

What is a custom Boxes?

Custom boxes are parcel boxes or shipping boxes with custom dimensions, shapes, designs, and prints. Such initiatives make such a product stand out from the crowd and, at the same time, help efficiently in marketing and promotion.

How is the brand experience?

The Journal of Marketing defines brand experience as “the feelings, emotions, perceptions and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli”.

This sounds very technical. In short, a brand experience is a sequence of activities and relationships that evoke positive feelings and emotions in customers.

By definition, we can say that every interaction that comes together to create a positive brand experience in the minds of customers is worthwhile. According to Chris Cavanaugh, “It’s about designing a sensory experience that leads a person into a lasting, meaningful relationship with a brand.”

Custom designed box packaging is a way to tell your brand history and make your brand identity and message resonate with customers. It keeps you awake and gives you an edge over most of your competition.

Why choose a custom box?

There are a thousand and one reasons why custom packaging is right for you and your business. In addition to clearly standing out from your competitors, here are a few other reasons to sign up for custom funds.

1. Brand Identity

First, you need to understand that your brand identity is all about your packaging. Your brand and that is reflected in the visual representation of your product packaging. It says a lot about what you stand for as a company.

According to Liam Curley of Business 2 Community, customer perceptions and feelings about packaging are always conveyed to the product. If your packaging is sloppy and boring, you are indirectly saying the same for your brand.

2. Perception, identification and differentiation

On first contact and without prior knowledge, the first difference a shopper will notice when placing two products side by side is the brand’s packaging. And as a company you definitely need all the positive attention you can get.

Custom squares also allow you to print logos, slogans, and anything else that sets your business apart. This is what strengthens your brand, gives it more visibility and makes it easily recognizable.

Today, packaging is not just about functionality; and make your customers’ shopping experience unforgettable. A custom box will help you stand out from a sea of ​​other brown boxes — or brands if you can.

3. Material selection

Custom boxes also allow you to choose the type of material most suitable for the product. Unlike ready-made boxes, you can usually choose from cardboard or craft.

Unlike plastic, these other options can be recycled; It is easy to reuse, easily biodegradable and completely environmentally friendly.

4. Flexible Design:

Another reason to enter “yes” in custom fields; Always be flexible with designs. This means that shapes, styles, colors, themes and messages can be changed.

Custom boxes make it possible to pack different products that reflect special seasons, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Christmas. This plugin gives you a competitive advantage over other suppliers.

5. Consumer Behavior

When a brand positively engages consumers, they engage with them; This, in turn, led to loyalty and they “went back.” Humans are generally attracted to good visuals. If people are attracted to your packaging, they’ll most likely buy your product.


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