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Desserts in the Sweet Centre in Bradford

Desserts in the Sweet Centre in Bradford

A traditional Asian Indian and Pakistani restaurant, Sweet Centre Bradford, has served desi quality food for 56 years. Their menu includes a variety of tasty dishes, including breakfast and desi dinner. All their food is made fresh on-site, ensuring high quality and taste. If you plan a date night or an anniversary celebration, this restaurant is a great option for a delectable meal. And, they serve breakfast every day too!

If you are looking for the best Pakistani and Asian dishes in Bradford, you must visit the Sweet Centre. This traditional Asian restaurant was established in 1964 and has accumulated 56 years of experience. It provides authentic desi food that uses only the finest quality ingredients. You can also find a great desi breakfast menu at Sweet Centre Bradford. Their fresh quality food is made on-site. This is another reason why the food at Sweet Centre Bradford is so delicious.

serves halwa puri

Serve Halwa Puri

The Sweet Centre Bradford serves halwa puri between 8 AM and noon. The kitchen team starts work at 6 AM to prepare the delicious puri dough, then rolled into small balls. The restaurant makes fresh channa and halwa every day. They will make you a delicious and nutritious meal that will leave you wanting more. You can’t go wrong with this authentic Pakistani and Indian food in Bradford.

The Sweet Centre in Bradford is an Asian Indian & Pakistani restaurant established in 1964. With 56 years of experience in the restaurant industry, this Bradford institution is committed to serving only the best quality desi food, using only the freshest ingredients. The menu at the Sweet Centre is extensive and full of flavor, with a wide range of delicacies to choose from. The restaurant uses fresh ingredients whenever possible and makes all of its food on-site. The commitment to good quality food is reflected in the menu and prices.

Dessert at Sweet Centre Bradford

A must-try at the Sweet Centre in Bradford is the Rasmalai dessert. This dessert is a traditional Asian Indian and Pakistani delicacy made with curd, dried milk, sugar, and dry fruits. It is best served chilled and has a distinctive cheese flavor. You’ll be glad you tried it! This dessert is a delightful treat to take home as a gift. For a truly memorable experience, try it at the Sweet Centre in Bradford.

Rasmalai is a traditional Indian dessert made of chenna balls soaked in creamy milk mixed with saffron, cardamom, rose water, pistachio, and sugar. The perfect ras malai has soft, melting centers that melt in your mouth. This recipe can be made at home in less than 30 minutes.

The name Rasmalai is very exotic, as it implies a richness that is not found in many other types of desserts. 

The perfect ras malai is made with thick, creamy milk and soft chenna balls. It is made without baking and is usually topped with nuts or Kesar strands. Rasmalai can be stored in the refrigerator for three to four days without losing flavour or texture. It’s best served cold to retain the freshness of its flavours.

Traditional Asian Indian and Pakistani Restaurant

The Sweet Centre is a traditional Asian Indian and Pakistani restaurant in Bradford. The restaurant has been operating for 56 years and offers quality desi food prepared with the finest ingredients. The restaurant serves breakfast and dinner and has a full desi menu to choose from. Its food is freshly prepared on-site, so you can be sure that you’re getting the freshest possible ingredients every time you visit. Rasmalai is prepared in a time frame at the Sweet Centre, and the restaurant is dedicated to delivering quality food.

The restaurant’s popularity has expanded to attract a younger, multicultural customer base. The Sweet Centre offers a wide range of traditional Asian sweets, including various Rasmalai. This delicious dessert is prepared on-site and is served in a time frame of about 15 minutes to avoid overcrowding and queues.


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