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Different Types of Kundli


The term Kundli is a very general term that is also known as birth chart and holds considerable significance in Vedic astrology. It is mainly the blueprint of your life, which predicts all the possibilities like challenges, opportunities, weaknesses, strengths, careers, love, marriage, money, and all other elements of your life birth chart, also known as Kundli.

As per the astrologer in Malaysia, the Kundli is created using your exact month, date, and place of birth or native full. Additionally, detailed and accurate Janam Kundli predictions are present; astrologers use different types of kundalini. You can quickly check your order scopes compatibility Kundli such as Kaal sarpadosh lucky days or specious yogas random numbers lucky colors lucky planets favorable types and times or shubh muhurat unfavorable timeline with the help of the different kinds of kundlis. 

An astrologer in Malaysia can help you with Kundli reports and will also help you learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

Different types of Kundli that you need to know about

Lagna Janma Kundali

The Lagna chart, also known as Janam Kundli, is an astrological chart that shows the position of different planets, the moon, and the sun besides other worlds when you are born. This chart is also based on the Lagna position. It is the first House, the ascendant House, and all other planets are then placed as per the possession of the Lagna or ascendant. 

Chandra Janma Kundali

As per the astrologer in New Zealand, an astrological chart is also based on the moon’s position in your birth chart. The House is known to have the moon as the ruler of the Lord, and it is considered the first Kundli House. For example, if the moon appears, we are placed in the 8th House of the Kundli, then it would be regarded as the first House and the 9th House for that second House and others. 

Chandramukhi is the second most important Kundli or the birth chart used for horoscope matching. It must be noted that after ascending, the moon changes its position quickly, which is just 2.5 days on average, so it is always essential for you to check the Chandra Kundli.

Navamsa Kundli

An astrologer in New Zealand suggest that navamsa is the 9th position or 1/9 part of your Zodiac. The independent chart is used for minute analysis of your life. Every nawasa is only for 30 degrees and 20 minutes in your longitude. The Natal chart helps discover your planets’ actual strength after analyzing your Lagna chart’s position. For example, if a planet or the Rashi is exalted in your Lagna Kundli but debilitated in the navamsa, the strength of your planet to impact your life is completely weak or average or even vice versa. This chart is essential for Kundli matching and analyzing your marriage happiness.

Chalit Chart

This is one of the astrological charts which indicates the position of your planets in the houses compared to the Rashi chart or the Lagna chart. The first House of this chart is calculated relative to the actual Lagna degree. The first House starts from 15 degrees before Lagna and will end 15 degrees after Lagna, as per the chart. So if Rahu is placed at 8:00 degrees, hence in the Rashi chart, it would be placed in the second Libra house and will cover the second House. But it is used to determine the influence of a specific place on your native life.


In the culture science ages, Kundli matching is essential. The primary reason for Kundli matching by name, as per astrology, is to understand the mental and physical compatibility of your and your partner’s mindset, attitude, temper, and behavior of both parties.

These attributes are what form the basic premise of any successful marriage. It is also measured to understand whether there is sufficient desirability for a successful, long-lasting relationship.

Kundli matching also plays a crucial role in understanding the movement of planets in your horoscope isn’t harming the career growth and progress of the other person. Kundli is also matched to overcome the negative impact of various Dasha’s on marriage and the couple’s future.


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