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How to Decide if You Need a Refrigerator Repair or Replacement

How to Decide if You Need a Refrigerator Repair or Replacement

When one of your refrigerator’s essential components breaks down, you’ll have to decide whether it’s better to repair or replace the unit. Both options can save you money if done correctly and at the right time, but getting advice from an appliance expert can make your decision much easier. This article will help you understand some of the factors that go into this decision, as well as give you tips on how to save money when repairing or replacing your refrigerator.

Is it worth repairing your refrigerator?

When deciding whether you should repair your refrigerator, consider its age and general condition. If it’s a newer model with few problems, most Commercial Refrigeration Experts recommend repair rather than replacement. And on that note…

What are the signs you need a new refrigerator

There are times when you realize your refrigerator is broken and you need it repaired. But, what if you think that everything’s fine? Here are some things to look for

When do you need to repair an appliance versus replace it

First, there are some appliances you should always replace rather than repair. For example, if your air conditioner (AC) stops working in Arizona in July and it’s going to cost more than 50% of a new AC unit, then you should probably just buy a new one.

What are the benefits of buying used appliances

There are many benefits of buying used appliances, especially when it comes to large purchases such as refrigerators. The cost of new appliances is constantly on the rise and buying second-hand can significantly reduce that expense. Not only that, but when you buy pre-owned you aren’t locked into a two-year or longer warranty. In fact, with refrigerators there’s no guarantee at all!

The 3 things you should pay attention when buying used appliances

Used refrigerators might have scratched doors and worn-out keypads, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard these appliances. Used refrigerators can still work just as well as new ones. However, there are some things you should look for when purchasing used appliances. Here are three things you need to pay attention when buying used refrigerators and washing machines: 1.

Is there anything else I should know about used refrigerators?

When you buy a used refrigerator, most appliances dealers will give you up to 90 days of warranty coverage. However, not all used refrigerators come with full warranties; check with your dealer before making any purchases.

10+ recommended brands for small refrigerators

Calwest makes quality refrigerator models ranging from under $100 to just over $1,000. Depending on how big your kitchen is and how much food you intend to keep in your refrigerator, you can find an ideal model for less than $200. Check out these popular Calwest refrigeration below