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How to Maintain Your Sanity and Ace Exams


Staying calm seems like a far-off concept during exam season. Many students feel spread out too thin under the pressure of examinations, unable to think right or function properly. People feel exam stress in varying degrees, for some it is manageable whereas others feel crippled under the pressure.

Excessive pressure and stress can have lasting adverse effects on your mental and physical health. Many of us do not realize that declining health translates to lost focus, which is imperative to perform well in exams.

Here are a few ways you can stay sane during exam season and ace your exams.

Nutrition and exercise

It is easy to fall into the trap of not eating or eating unhealthy food when you’re stressed. Junk food, excessive caffeine, and sugar will make you feel lethargic and unproductive. Instead, you should eat healthy and nutritious food to improve your concentration. Take regular meals consisting of brain food like fish, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and eggs, as they are good for memory.

Your body and mind are working hard to perform well during examinations. Skipping meals and depriving yourself of nutrition will result in underperforming in exams.

Furthermore, exercise can be a great way of reducing stress and staying active. Try going on walks and doing yoga to help your mind relax.


Students often sacrifice their sleep by staying up cramming all night to prepare for examinations. This is neither good for your health nor an effective method to retain information.

If you’re exhausted from staying up late, you will not perform well on your exam. Your body and mind will be tired and you’ll be unable to recall things you have studied extensively.

It is imperative to sleep at least seven to eight hours during exam weeks. Students forget that net productivity decreases if you don’t sleep enough which might just result in bad performance.

An effective method to retain information is through repetition. This simply means to keep coming back to a topic or concept over time to actively recall it. You can test yourself by using quizzes or flashcards. Try this instead of cramming; information learned this way is likely to stay with you longer.

Effective stress management

Stress can be a motivator to focus on your academics and study better. However, too much stress can make it difficult for you to concentrate and practically get anything done. Exams can be overly stressful but one can employ stress management strategies.

  • Make a schedule to organize your study process and stick to it. Starting early and following your schedule will help you stay on track and timely prepare for exams.
  • Sit back and unwind when things get too stressful to take the edge off.
  • Do not compare your study process or progress with that of your peers. People learn at their own pace and what works for others might not work for you. This does not make you any less intelligent or prepared for your exam.

Take breaks

Studying for exams can get exhausting. It is important to take little breaks as you prepare for exams. This allows your mind and body to relax. You can go out with friends, watch your favorite TV show for an hour or play a game to take your mind off of exam stress.

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Reach out to a friend

Group study is an excellent study strategy. Good study partners can be a source of motivation that helps you learn and study better. In addition, it can be a great way to socialize while remaining on track. Friends help elevate mood and beat some of the stress that comes with exam season.

On a concluding note

You may not be able to adopt all these habits or follow all these tips at once, but whatever you can incorporate into your routine, you should. Self-care is a necessity, not a luxury. A healthy mind and body will help you perform better in your exams.


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