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How to turn your partner on by choking

How to turn your partner on by choking

There are more than one way to keep your partner interested in having sex. Sex could become boring when you keep doing similar things the same way, so ensure you find a means to improvise if you want yours to stand out. Although there’s nothing serious about sex since it’s a means of moving closer to your partner and understanding them more, it is, however, important that you ensure you do it right. 

One of the means of getting your sex life to the required level is by first finding out what your partner enjoys during sex. Once you know their kink, it becomes easier for you to turn them on and enjoy sex even better. So, if by now you don’t understand what turns your partner on, you might want to begin by learning from free porn videos on reputable porn sites. With this, you get to understand your partner even better. One way to turn your partner on is by choking, although some persons find it unethical. So, if your partner happens to be one of the few that enjoys choking, here are some of the ways to help her enjoy it even better. 

  • Be gentle:

Irrespective of how hard or erotic the sex or intimacy gets, don’t forget you are holding her neck. So, be as gentle, yet sensual, as possible. Don’t grab the neck the same way you’d grab her ass. So, ensure you understand this, and you grab nicely, warmly and erotically. Neck grabbing and choking over time have been established as some fragments from BDSM sex. However, there’s the need for you to be sensitive to know when it hurts. 

  • Don’t forget the words:

The main turn-on for most ladies is not entirely in the choking, but in what comes with the choking. While some want their ear lobes played with, others want them spoken into. So, while you go on with choking, always remember to say the words. Dirty talks accompanied by choking have proven to be one of the most sensual you can engage with your partner while having sex. Choking is great, but when accompanied by the right words, it’s even better. 

  • Maintain eye contact:

While you work on taking our breath from them in a sensual way, ensure you don’t break eye contact too. It’s very important that you ensure your partner keeps eye contact while you are choking. The vulnerability in the eyes due to the choking could be everything you need to see to make the experience an interesting one for you and your partner. So, keep them focused on you by ensuring they don’t break eye contact. While they beg and fight for breath, you can be sure they are getting it in the most sexual way possible. 


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