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How to use code to connect your TV?

How to use code to connect your TV?

Twitch tv has made it enormously beneficial for its users as it lets you do live to stream and compliment the players online plus it works on all of the devices like smartphones, iOS, iPad, TV, MacBooks etc.

But many users face the problem of not knowing how to operate or activate twitch tv on their devices, so today we will be guiding thoroughly with the process of having twitch tv on your device and using it without any hassle.

Let’s get started!

Steps for twitch tv activation:

For the twitch tv activation account, you need a verification code just like any other app Amazon firestick, Roku.

The code is used to verify your account as well as your device.

Following are the steps you need to know, on how to use the activation code:

  1. Install the twitch TV app on your smart TV, and an activation code will be displayed on your screen that’s the code you will be using for verification.
  2. Then on any web browser of your choice open two tabs, in one of these tabs go to the www twitch com tv activate then login to your twitch tv account with a username and password and make sure to have a valid subscription too.
  3. On the a other tab, visit the website and enter the activation you saw on the TV screen before.
  4. After doing all these processes and typing the activation code, automatically you will be logged in to your twitch tv account on your smart TV.

How to get the twitch tv app on your Android TV:

You can also add the twitch TV app to your Android TV in case you don’t have any other streaming device.

All you need to do is:

  1. On the play store app on your Android tv, install the twitch TV app
  2. Enter your credentials like the username and password.
  3. You get an activation code displayed on the screen.
  4. Next on your PC or smartphone (connected to the same Wifi connection) login to your twitch tv account and enter the twitch activate code.
  5. After typing the activation code, you can successfully operate your account and do live streaming.

We hope these steps will guide you.

How to activate twitch tv on Amazon firestick:

Amazon firestick offers to view several platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, MX player, Hotstar etc.

Twitch tv is one of the most popular platforms used by Firestick users and if you want to activate twitch tv on Amazon firestick, then follow the mentioned below steps:

  1. Connect your smart tv to an amazing firestick by plugging it into the port available.
  2. Make sure to have good strong internet connectivity.
  3. Then navigate to ‘Application store’ on your Amazon firestick and download the twitch tv app.
  4. Once thee installation is done, log in to the twitch tv app and note the activation code displayed on the screen.
  5. Then open any web browser on your smartphone or PC and paste this link  to continue the activation process.
  6. Enter your twitch tv credentials in the bar and enter the activation code as well on the TV screen.
  7. You will now be able to operas twitch tv with Amazon firestick.

How to activate twitch TV on roku app: 

Being an easy to carry device, roku enables you to watch or stream your favourite shows anywhere on any platform.

When it comes to activation of twitch TV on a Roku device, it’s not that user friendly and people deal with a lot of difficulties while connecting them.

So here’s a brief guide on how to do it without any hassle:

  1. Before connecting roku to your device make sure you have an internet connection of good strength.
  2. To install twitch TV navigate to ‘streamjng channels’ menu and search for the twitch tv app.
  3. Add the twitch tv app to streaming list.
  4. Open the twitch tv app and note the activation code displayed on the scree.
  5. Now open a web browser on your smartphone or PC and type 
  6. USD your twitch tv credentials and on a new tab open the below link for activation process
  7. Enter the activation displayed on the tv screen and
  8. Finally you will be able to operate twitch tv on Roku.

We hope the details guide above will help you to connect your twitch tv on various platform and live steam your favourite channels.

Good Day!

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