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Important Things to Know Before Installing Double Ended Bath

Important Things to Know Before Installing Double Ended Bath

The Double ended bath is a large size bathtub for medium and large bathroom spaces. The bathtubs are in use for many hundred years. However, we have seen great innovation over the years. The baths that were once elegant bathroom fixtures only to be found in hotels or the bathrooms of rich people had made their way into a common bathroom. That became only possible due to innovation in materials, shapes, and designs to make it more affordable for common homes.

Today the bathtubs are easily available everywhere at economical prices. Depending on your need and budget, you can buy it from around a hundred pounds to several thousand for the luxurious handmade piece. There are many types of bathtubs available in different shapes to fulfill your specific needs. Due to such a variety of bathtubs, it isn’t easy to choose your bathroom’s right option.

Here we have discussed a few questions that should be in your mind while planning for a large double-ended bath.

Knowing more about Double ended bath?

double ended bath uk

In this article, we are specifically discussing the Double ended bath. Before getting any further, it is important to know more about this type of bath. As discussed, earlier bathtubs are available in different shapes and sizes.

  • What is meant by 1800 x 800mm?

The 1800 x 800mm is referred to as the size of the bathtub. It shows how much space it will cover in width and length. The baths can be divided into different categories based on their size. The UK standard size baths include

A standard size bath is 1700 mm in length, while A small bathtub is 1400mm, a compact size is 1200mm, and any tub which is 1800mm or above is a large size tub. So, considering these sizes, our under-discussion bath is a large size.

What is Double Ended Bath?

There are mainly two types of bathtubs in terms of their structure. The single-ended and double-ended baths. The main difference is their style as the single-ended has one end slop while the other is straight compared to the double-ended, which has the slop on both ends. The slop end is necessary to help cushion the back, shoulder, and neck comfortably during the bath. That means you can use it from both ends. Another difference is the placement of its taps. The first style has the taps on the straight side while the latter has on the tub’s side middle.

Important Things to know about Double ended bath.

Every installation of bathroom fittings and fixtures should be carefully planned. Otherwise, you may end up buying the wrong bath that may not offer you all the expected benefits of a bathtub. It is important to ask yourself these questions to make the most out of your bath investment,

Is 1800 x 800mm Double Ended Bath Is Suitable for Your Bathroom?

Shower Bath

You may love the shape and size of the 1800 x 800mm Double ended bath, but you should ask yourself a question. Is it suitable for your bathroom? You can find out its suitability by going a bit deeper into your bathroom, available space, budget, etc.

The first thing to consider evaluating suitability is to measure the available space in the bathroom. If you are replacing an old tub, you must ensure there is enough space according to the new tub measurements.

The second thing is whether this tub looks good in your bath space. For example, having a bigger bathroom fixture in a small bath or vice versa can create many problems.

Generally, we recommend this size in medium to large size bathrooms. It would be a great addition to your family bathroom.

Buy Double ended bath from Royal Bathrooms UK.

The Double ended bath is a large bathtub that is a great choice for a family bathroom. If you are looking for a luxurious bath experience, you need a spacious bathtub with a double-ended style. We have discussed details about the style, size, and design of this bath. It will help you make a better decision about installing it in your bathroom. At Royal Bathrooms, you can buy high-quality bathtubs at lower prices. Our website has everything that you might need for a complete bathroom makeover.


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