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Home Business Know how you can install a solar panel on your tile roof

Know how you can install a solar panel on your tile roof

Know how you can install a solar panel on your tile roof

Solar panels are very useful for us as they can lower the energy usage of our home to a great extent. They fulfil the energy needs of our house efficiently and are very eco-friendly. Solar panels can work efficiently in meeting your energy requirements when there is a power outage in your location. If you are recently planning to install a solar panel on your roof, then you must be wondering how to do it on a tile roof. Well, our experts will help you install the solar panel on your tile roof and guide you with all the care tips to keep your solar panel safe and protected.

You can get roofing estimates from Dante Roofing if you want to repair or replace your roof in Inglewood. Our skilled roofers will suggest amazing roofing ideas for your roof and help you install your roof without causing any damage to it. Moreover, they will advise you on how to protect your roof to maximize its beauty and functionality. So, you can contact Dante Roofing to hire our professional roofers to get your roof installed without any hassles. If you want to install solar panels on your roof then here is a guide that you can follow before installing the same on your roof. So, let us understand how you can install a solar panel on your tile roof.

Know how you can install a solar panel on your tile roof

You have to arrange all the tools and materials you need before you start the installation process and keep them near you so that you do not have to come down frequently to find them.

Prepare your Tiles

The first step for a solar panel is to sort out the tiles and lay them in order so that they are placed carefully. Clean the tiles; especially the backside of your tiles.  

Remove all the clutter from the Work Area

Then you need to clean your work area and prepare it for installation. Lay plywood or cardboard on the work area so that you can keep your solar panel on it. Keeping it on the ground may make them dirty.

Find the perfect location to install the Solar Panels

If the solar panel has not already been installed on a mounting system (usually attached to rails), do this before installing your tiles. This will make it easier to position them in the correct place on your roof.

Leveling of the Solar Panel

You need to level your solar panel and find one tile that is in a flat or slanting position. Then you can mark this tile to remember the tile on which you want to fix your panels. You need to choose only the closest ones if your tiles do not line up from edge to edge. If you have already prepared your tile and integrated them into the solar panel mounting system at the time of installing your tiles, then you need not do this step as the position is already decided.

Final installation of the Solar Panels

The final step would be to install your solar panel. Protect your roof with a thin membrane so that it covers the material that you have used to protect your roof. Then lay another layer on the opposite side thereby pressing each tile into their places. Then line up the panels perfectly and make sure there are no air bubbles. After installing the panel, you can wait for the sun to shine brightly so that your solar panel can do its work.

Clean up the work area:

After you install your solar panel on your roof, you can clear the work area and clear the unused tiles from the rooftop and store them for future use. Cleaning the area will simplify your work and help your roof look sorted.   


You can install solar panels on your roof so that they fulfill the energy needs of your home. Solar panels are also an effective way of using sunrays to meet the energy requirements of your house. Hence, installing solar panels can save the ecology also. If you are confused about how to install solar panels on your roof then our experts will help you install them and will also suggest ways you can protect them to maximize their life span.


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