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Home Tech Lost Snap Streaks? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Lost Snap Streaks? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Lost Snap Streaks? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Snap chat is a very famous online social media platform which is used nowadays by users and among the fantastic features of Snap chat Snap streaks are the most famous ones. People nowadays love to create snaps with their friends and family. If you are wondering what are streaks then let us tell you that it is created when the two friends send snaps to each other continuously daily. 

And to be more specific to the answer of what are streaks on Snapchat it is actually an exchange of snaps which could be anything like photos, videos, and other things. Users send snaps to each other daily then only streaks are made and this is known as snap streaks. 

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Anyone who uses the snap chat must know the value of snap streaks as they are made with sincere efforts and punctuality. And as said snaps need to be sent daily and it is possible that someday the users might forget the send snaps which will further result in a snap streak lost and the users have to start from zero to create the snaps. Users who are new at making snap streaks must know that there are few things that do not count as a snap and we are providing you the list of such things so that you do not commit a mistake and send them as snaps. 

  • Messages or chats 
  • Groups chats (as streaks are only made for single conversations and not on a group)
  • Memories 
  • Stories 
  • Spectacles 

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Steps To Recover Lost Snapchat Streaks –

If you have lost your streaks then the users have to find some way to snap streak recovery. In this blog, we have saved the time of users and have provided them the steps which they need to follow if they need to get back their snaps. Just the users need to follow and execute these steps with utmost care. 

  1. First of all the users need to load the snap chat app and then hit on the bitmoji of your account which you will find at the top left of the page. 
  2. Now, in this step, the users need to press the settings option and then scroll down and find the section of support. 
  3. In this step, the users have to opt for the I need help tab which will direct them to the support page where the users can further move ahead. 
  4. Here the users have to click on what if my streaks have gone away but I know I have sent the snaps back within 24 hours and then hit on let us know hyperlink which will be there on the page. 
  5. Now, you will be asked to fill a form for ‘how to get streaks back’, and as soon as you have submitted the form filling it the users have to wait till Snap chat contacts you back. 

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