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Home Business Most standard Instagram mistakes that every Business Must Avoid

Most standard Instagram mistakes that every Business Must Avoid

Most standard Instagram mistakes that every Business Must Avoid

10 of the most standard Instagram mistakes that every Business Must Avoid

Instagram boasts 700 million active users per month, making it one of the most popular social media platforms around the globe. Instagram has also experienced an increase of 15% every year, which implies that by 2020, over one billion people will be logging on to the site Instagram regularly, at least per month.

For marketers. Instagram can be appealing because it has a large number of users who utilize the platform; however, it is also because Instagram content is usually more popular and has higher levels of engagement than the other platforms for social media.

It is essential to avoid frequent mistakes that can be difficult to overcome. This article reviews the ten most frequently made Instagram marketing mistakes that business owners must avoid.


1. Ignoring INSTAGRAM Stories

The app was introduced in the year 2016. Instagram Stories is quickly becoming one of the most popular features of Instagram’s overall platform. More than 200 million users use Instagram Stories monthly, which is 40 million more than Snapchat’s total user base.

Brands such as Reebok use Instagram Stories to bring customers to their sites. In the case above, users swipe up the will to a mobile-friendly store, where they can buy items used by their favorite CrossFit athletes.


Marketers on social networks will succeed when they utilize Instagram analytics to guide their marketing choices. The opposite of ignoring data is not taking advantage of valuable insights that could help improve many Instagram marketing decision-making.

SocialFox is the top Instagram analytics tool available currently and can give users the ideal timing to share content based on followers’ activity. This will help marketers determine which posts received the most response, making it easier to decide which content to post.

3. The decision to join Instagram was made for the wrong reasons

Instagram is a powerful social media platform for companies. Companies like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Brandy Melville have utilized Instagram to compete with more prominent brands by contacting prospective customers directly. An article in Digiday recently profiled Anastasia Beverly Hills, a mother-and-daughter-owned makeup company.

The author Hilary Milnes notes that “Anastasia … does not have the same brand recognition as rivals such as Mac and Benefit. What it does have, however, is that it’s the most follower-based Instagram beauty profile on the site, boasting 7.5 million followers. The average of the beauty industry of 1.4 million.”

Although Instagram is an effective marketing tool, it will only function if your business’s customers use it. It is easy to get caught in Instagram success stories, such as those above. Make sure you do your homework before committing to an Instagram marketing plan. Be sure your users are on the platform before you jump into it.

4. Overlooking successful competitors

Competitive intelligence is a gold mine for Instagram marketers as it will help you learn faster. You are analyzing your competition in detail to determine which content is popular and what doesn’t will assist you in creating an active Instagram following swiftly.

Analyzing competitive analysis can aid in identifying opportunities. Be aware that social media users are attracted to brands with a unique viewpoint. Please find out how your competitors present themselves on Instagram and then find an alternative that is in line with your company’s voice.

5. Copying the strategy of another brand

Although competitive analysis is essential for identifying opportunities, it’s not a great strategy to imitate another brand’s voice. Brands caught in this trap are always in an awkward position to be caught up instead of being able to make a difference in an industry.

Let these examples serve as a warning to Instagram marketers considering using a similar voice to other brands or strategies for content. On June 1st, BMW posted a picture of one of their luxurious automobiles that looked out over the ocean. The post garnered nearly 35,000 views.

A month after the day on July 1st, Infiniti posted a nearly identical photo featuring one of their cars that looks out over the ocean. Infiniti’s post had nine times fewer likes than the BMW post.

6. Focusing solely on ORGANIC INSTAGRAM posts

Because Instagram through Facebook, Instagram offers social media professionals a variety of advertising options similar to those provided by the parent company. Although natural Instagram content is an excellent option to concentrate on since prices are lower than those for social media ads, Instagram ads can be an effective tool for increasing followers or engaging with posts within the shortest amount of time.

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Social media marketers need to develop an Instagram strategy based primarily on organic content but using Instagram advertisements to boost the impact of content that has been successful organically.

7. Only using Instagram on DESKTOP

If you manage the Instagram accounts at the workplace, it could be tempting to use Instagram on a desktop. For one thing, Instagram offers a desktop version of its platform, and many third-party Instagram applications are more compatible with the computer rather than smartphones.

However, intelligent Instagram marketers will utilize the business’ Instagram accounts on both computers and mobile. This gives social media marketers a more excellent knowledge of what their followers and potential followers are seeing. The device may affect how followers interact in the form of Instagram content, stories, or advertisements.


In 2011, Instagram was the sixth most frequently used smartphone app across the United States. Instagram was developed to be a mobile-first social media platform and was only able to be a desktop-based application later. It means that most Instagram users will use the application or on their mobile devices.

Social media marketers who want to bring visitors to their website should ensure that the site is mobile-friendly. Otherwise, a significant portion of users will go elsewhere.


Instagram is indeed a potent marketing tool if used properly. However, committing to only one marketing channel isn’t an intelligent business choice regardless of how efficient the channel can be.

Marketers must ensure excellent product-channel compatibility. In certain situations, Instagram may fit well with the product and the business model that goes into the sale. However, it is unlikely that Instagram will be the only platform that will result in product-market solid compatibility. A diverse marketing mix is essential for the long-term health of any company.


According to research cited by AdWeek that 93% of consumers trust user-generated content (UGC) in making a purchase. Instagram users often create UGC since the platform on videos and images.

Brands such as BMW, Budweiser, and GoPro regularly share content from users since it encourages users to make UGC and gives an element of social proof for potential customers.



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