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Phone Contacts Missing or Disappeared After iOS 15 Update?

Phone Contacts Missing or Disappeared After iOS 15 Update?

There are numerous achievable solutions to fix the iPhone Contacts Missing or disappeared issue after the iOS 15 update.


  • It May be due to iCloud syncing issues.
  • Poor internet or network connection.

It is advised to leave the phone aside while it is syncing to update faster.

The time taken by iCloud to sync depends on the availability of data and good internet speed. Basic issues like quick battery drain and overheating tend to start up right after the software update.

Useful Ways to Recover Lost iPhone Contacts:

  • Force-killing the Contacts app 

This hack is easy to try and is quick.

By on  iPhone with Face ID or by on iPhone with Touch ID: 

After this check, if contacts disappeared on iPhone , they might reappear.

  • Resetting iCloud Contacts 

Force reset or hard reset the device and check if iPhone Contacts disappeared are back or not.

  • Turn off/on Cloud Contacts

Open the Settings app on the phone and navigate to the iCloud profile and turn off the toggle. Select the keep on my iPhone option & restart the device, and turn back on the contacts toggle 

  • Selecting iCloud as the Default Account

Go to Settings-Contacts and choose Cloud as Default Account and again restart the iPhone.

  • Factory Reset of iPhone

It erases all of the existing settings, including location data, Wi-Fi, VPN, etc.

Go to Settings-General, choose from Transfer or Reset iPhone, select Reset All Settings from the pop-up menu and enter the device passcode and tap Reset All Settings again to confirm.

  • Signing in/out of Apple ID

open Settings-profile and tap Sign Out, the user can keep a copy of the data. 

For additional security, turn on the toggles for each option before signing out of the Apple ID. 

Use the Apple ID and password to sign back in.

  • Third-Party Recovery Tool

It’s the last option when the above options don’t work. Use software that is affordable and suits the device such as iMobie Phone Rescue, EaseUSMobiSaver, Wondershare Dr.Fone, etc.


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