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Prison School Season 2 Manga Review

Prison School Season 2 Manga Review

Prison School Season 2 inaugural season was a huge hit, boasting an avid fanbase. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that fans are eagerly awaiting the airing of its second season.

This series follows five boys who commit voyeurism in the girls’ bathing area at Hachimitsu Private Academy, one of Tokyo’s strictest girls’ schools. They are sentenced to a month in the school’s prison under the watchful eyes of the Underground Student Council.

Kiyoshi Fujino

Kiyoshi Fujino is the main character of Prison School Season 2. He’s one of five students at Hachimitsu Academy who are captured by their underground student council.

He’s a tall and handsome boy of average weight, with dark blue hair and black eyes. At first he appears lean but gains muscle during his stay in prison.

After a botched breakout attempt, the boys are thrown into prison block. They’re shocked to discover that most of their peers are sadists who take pleasure in suffering under the school’s attractive yet cruel supervisors.

Takehito Morokuzu

Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School manga has become one of the world’s most beloved series. Since its anime adaptation, this story has gained a global audience and earned critical acclaim.

In 2015, viewers were introduced to Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito Morokuzu, Reiji Andou, Jouji Nezu, and Shingo Wakamoto who all attended Hachimitsu Academy – renowned for its strict regulations. They were given an ultimatum: either be expelled or stay in the prison block for one month.

Shingo Wakamoto

Shingo Wakamoto is one of five boys attending Hachimitsu Academy and he enjoys being the center of attention. However, Shingo’s personality may not reflect this; rather he simply enjoys taking control of himself and making himself the center of attention.

He often strives to escape prison in order to see Chiyo Kurihara, whom he has an intense affection for.

After they were caught engaging in voyeurism in the girls’ bathroom, they are given an ultimatum: either be expelled or spend one month in prison for breaking rules. Opting for the latter option, they are captured by members of the Underground Student Council and expelled.

Reiji Ando

Hachimitsu Academy is one of Tokyo’s strictest girls’ schools. If any students make a mistake, they are immediately sent to prison.

Kiyoshi Fujino is a new student to this academy who joins four friends named Takehito Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji Nezu, and Reiji Andou.

These five boys possess an unapproachable attitude and cause embarrassment to their school. Additionally, their mischievous natures attracts the attention of the Underground Student Council (USC), leading to them being sent to jail for one month.

Joe Nezu

This series chronicles the adventures of five boys attending an elite all-girls boarding school. Known for its rigorous academic standards and strict discipline, this school stands out among other similar establishments.

Joe Nezu stands out among his classmates due to his strange obsession with ants. Furthermore, he suffers from severe stomatitis.

After being released from prison, he feels distant from his friends and jealous of their romantic success. He attempts to grope one of them but is stopped by Andre.

Gakuto Watanabe

Gakuto Watanabe is one of the main characters from Prison School Season 2. He’s an impetuous, inept young man who frequently pees in class.

Mitsuko, Gakuto’s companion and close friend, is often his go-to person. Despite his misbehavior, his strategic intellect helps him stay out of trouble and win new friends.

Hiramoto’s Prison School manga was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine from 2011 to 2017, and then adapted into an anime series that premiered its first season in September 2015.

Hana Kurihara

Hana Kurihara is one of the main characters from Prison School Season 2. Her character design and creation was done by Akira Hiramoto.

Hana is one of the most beloved characters from the series and has gained widespread acclaim among fans. She has earned numerous awards for her work and remains one of the most recognizable anime figures worldwide.

Mari Kurihara

Prison School Season 2 is an ecchi romance manga series created and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto that has earned critical acclaim and numerous awards.

The series follows the tale of Hachimitsu Academy, where only five boys are accepted and they strive to be close to girls. This leads them into mischievous activities.

Mari Kurihara, president of the Underground Student Council (USC), imprisons them in Prison Block and sentences them to hard labor for one month. Her punishments become increasingly harsher as she clashes with her father Chairman Kurihara who supports male enrollment at the academy.


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