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Summer, sun, sunshine: this is how bathing with children will be a success

Summer, sun, sunshine: this is how bathing with children will be a success

Going swimming with the whole family is pure relaxation. Finally lying in the sun and hearing your children laugh – couldn’t be more idyllic. So that you are properly prepared, we give you the best tips for splashing around on warm days. Read on to find out how to make your waterfront excursion a success!

Where do you want to go for a swim?

When it comes to excursion destinations, you are spoilt for choice. Which one is best for your children? We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different possibilities. The most accessible option is clearly the swimming pool. Almost every city has one and it allows you to splash around even in the cold months without letting you freeze to death. It only gets annoying when it is too crowded: The bathing establishment has a very limited area. Especially in the hot months, it can therefore be difficult to get a berth.

How about a trip to the lake? The good thing about these waters is their variety. Whether it’s a dredging lake or a natural accumulation of water, there are more than 12,000 of these idyllic places in Germany. They are especially attractive if you live far away from the sea. So you can experience wet refreshment without a long journey. Also, you don’t have to worry about the tidal influence or accidentally swallow salty water when you go swimming. Best of all, lakes are often less littered than ocean beaches.

But the ocean also has advantages. Especially a soft sandy beach invites you to relax. The sound of the sea has a calming effect, the view is heavenly and you feel very close to nature and its tidal power. In addition, saltwater nourishes the skin and enriches the air in such a way that the respiratory tract is freed. Also very varied, but not without danger due to their currents: rivers.

No matter where you want to go: With us, in the MyPlaybox online shop you will find many great articles for children’s bathing fun!

Children near the water – how to prevent the dangers of bathing

Apart from the location – water has some dangers in it. Especially if you are traveling with your offspring, it is important that you are informed about risks. Read on and find out how best to prepare yourself so that everything runs smoothly and bathing becomes a success.

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Possible risks outdoors

No matter which water: When the weather is good, the crowds who want to enjoy the summer feeling are busy. But that is exactly what can be fatal. Because the more people there are on-site, the higher the chance that your child will get lost. Therefore, make sure that a beach guard or a lifeguard works in the area, and will keep an eye out for you in an emergency or arrange announcements. Also, prepare your child for such a situation. Walk down the area together and arrange refugees. Also, if possible, try to keep an eye on your child when going swimming.

In good weather, you feel sluggish – that’s normal. But because of the higher temperatures, you should make sure that you and your family are in tip-top condition. That means: Bring enough food. This mainly applies to beverages, as dehydration is a serious risk. But snacks and meals should not be neglected either. A cooler bag is best suited for the trip to the water. It stores cold drinks and provides refreshment in the sun. Such a picnic is the highlight of the pleasurable summertime.

However, be careful when bathing: the floor itself is full of dangers. On the one hand, it is home to many small animals. Beaches are particularly notorious for this: From crabs, and jellyfish, to sand fleas, there are all sorts of creatures that pinch, sting or burn. On the other hand, humans also create risks in the ground. Through left behind shards and all sorts of pointed objects, walks become a hurdle race. To protect your children’s feet, you should bring bathing shoes, a small first aid box and mindfulness. Incidentally, the same applies in the water – it is best to only look for marked bathing areas! In this way, you also avoid quickly sloping banks.

Safety in the water

Going swimming can be fun for the whole family. But be careful: Do not start too early with the swimming courses of the offspring. Babies can only regulate their body temperature from about 4 months and keep their head above water independently. For safety, ask a midwife or doctor before taking your baby into the water. From the age of 5, children have reached the age at which they have enough coordination to learn to swim, according to the DLRG. Take this chance and let your little one do the seahorse so you have less trouble. Are you interested in this topic? Read more about learning to swim for kids here!

Is your offspring still unsure about swimming or too young to take a course? Then give him swimming wings or a vest. These tools make sure it doesn’t go under. But still always have a view of the water in which your darling romps around. If you are on the beach, also explain the power of the tides and note the water level. If it rises, it is time for fun on the beach and no longer in the sea. In addition, children are not very good at assessing when they are too exhausted to continue swimming. Be sure to get them out of the water in time at the first signs.

Especially in hot temperatures, it is important that your child does not just jump into the wet. Because with cold water, the strong temperature difference can lead to cramps. Therefore, drizzle some cool water on the legs and arms of your favorite beforehand so that the body is better equipped for swimming. Also note that you should not go swimming right after eating. Swimming conducts energy away from the digestive tract. This can then lead to nausea. So wait about 30 minutes before the splash starts.

Sun protection when bathing

The pleasant feeling of the sun on the skin is unfortunately also associated with negative side effects. When bathing, be protected from sunburn and skin cancer by regularly applying sunscreen to both yourself and the rest of the family. It is especially important for the little ones that the sun protection factor of the product is high, because children’s skin is thin and sensitive.

However, you don’t have to buy different lotions for the offspring and yourself – sunscreen for children is also suitable for adults. However, look for products that do not contain chemical UV filters, nanoparticles, parabens or fragrances. This is how you make your baby and the environment happy.

In addition, avoid the afternoon heat in general and look for a shady place with your darling when the sun bounces directly down on you. Use tents, beach shells, umbrellas or trees as shelter. Cooling down is especially important now, so enjoy some cool snacks, ice cubes, or drinks from the cooler! You can also put damp towels on your body, which refreshes wonderfully.

Packing list for bathing

A family outing must be well planned. So far, we have listed a whole range of things that you should have with you when you go swimming. So that you do not lose the overview, we summarize the most important things in a checklist:

Swimwear and slippers

First Aid Kit


Cooler with drinks and food

Swimming wings and, if necessary, goggles


Your summer trip will definitely be a success if you bring suitable entertainment. Excursion destinations with beaches are the perfect place for sand toys such as buckets and moulds. Inflatable dishes are well suited for swimming pools and lakes, i.e. at bathing areas where the water is calm. But relaxation phases are also quickly organized if you bring music and reading material. Here is our list of inspiration for a fun day on the water:

Bluetooth Box

Air mattresses, swimming rings

Fins, snorkel, diving goggles


Pool noodles

Sand shovels, buckets and moulds

Water balls

Water guns

Sports games (e.B. Frisbee or footballs)

After reading this article, you are perfectly prepared for any bathing trip. Keep our tips in mind: Apply sunscreen regularly, keep an eye on your children and make sure to pack the most important things. You’re ready to go – off into the cool water. We wish you a lot of fun!


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