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The Alienware Aurora Gaming PC

The Alienware Aurora Gaming PC

The Alienware aurora 2019 gaming PC is an exceptional option for gamers seeking a powerful, flexible desktop. Plus, its price point makes it ideal even for budget-minded gamers on a tight budget.

The Aurora R13 features a redesigned chassis that makes it simple to open up and swap out components without needing multiple tools. Plus, its eye-catching Legend 2.0 design prioritizes cooling performance.


The Alienware Aurora R13 gaming PC offers powerful performance in a stylish design. Plus, it provides plenty of customizability for those who like to switch up their setups over time.

This new model is housed in a Legend 2.0 chassis that leans the case back slightly for an alien chic aesthetic. This gives the R13 an angular shape and feels lighter than past Auroras.

Another significant change is the addition of a clear window on the left-hand side, allowing users to see inside. This feature makes components easier to identify and customize with proprietary software programs.

Despite its increased transparency, the Aurora still features Alienware’s iconic design language. The front features a rounded futuristic appearance with eye-catching ring LEDs in different colors plus a TRON Lightcycle-inspired background.


The Aurora R13 gaming PC is equipped with top-of-the-line components and allows for upgrades. Its sleek design makes it attractive, customizable, and easy to open up to swap out your graphics card or add extra storage capacity.

This powerful gaming desktop provides plenty of power for the latest titles and is an excellent long-term investment. You can upgrade the system as needed with new components over time, plus use Alienware Command Center software to perform factory overclocking on select processors.

This desktop features AMD Radeon(tm) Anti-Lag technology, which works to accelerate CPU work in GPU limited cases to reduce input lag. It also fixes communication issues between the monitor and graphics card, eliminating image tears or choppiness for a smooth experience.


Alienware aurora gaming PC can be tailored to fit your preferences and needs. It comes with various components, so you can start small and build up to a powerful system as your needs grow.

For instance, the Aurora R13 desktop starts at $1,371 and features a 12th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics and 256GB SSD storage. Plus it comes complete with Windows 11 Home and wireless connectivity as well.

The Aurora R13 comes with the standard configurations, but you can upgrade to a more powerful build with more memory, an external hard drive and liquid cooling capabilities. Plus, this model is designed for overclocking so you can get the most out of your CPU and GPU if desired.

The Aurora is designed to be user-friendly, making it ideal for anyone who wants to customize their gaming system for improved performance. Plus, upgrading the hardware over time is effortless – essential if you plan to keep your gaming machine for a long time.


If you’re searching for a gaming PC that won’t break the bank, Alienware aurora series is an ideal option. They come fully loaded with Intel and AMD components and you have the option to upgrade them if desired in the future.

Our review unit is more modest than the more expensive Aurora R15s, yet still provides all of the essentials to play your favourite games. Based on the Legend 2.0 design and equipped with a 240mm AIO cooler for cooling purposes as well as two Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards, it has everything you need to stay cool while playing your favourite titles.

There’s an AIO fan on the rear that circulates excess heat away from the GPU to help keep it running optimally, while front vents take in cool air and remove hot air from your system. Furthermore, Alienware Command Center’s latest version includes auto-tuned game profiles and thermal controls to maximize performance out of your rig.


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