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The Role of Cisco Meraki in the Future of Network Security

<strong>The Role of Cisco Meraki in the Future of Network Security</strong>


As the landscape of network security changes and evolves, Meraki has been there to guide it. We’ve worked with our partners over the last few years to build out stronger, more secure networks that are easier to manage and operate. In this article, we’ll outline how Cisco Meraki plays a key role in this evolution by helping IT professionals maximize their existing assets while keeping costs down.

Meraki’s role as a secure network

You can think of Meraki as a network router. It’s an essential part of your organization’s security infrastructure, but it’s not just any old router–Meraki gives your systems the ability to run in the cloud and provides them with visibility into their environment.

The cloud controller is what makes this possible. The cloud controller combines all of your network data into one centralized location so that you can see everything at once and make changes as needed. With its powerful analytics tools, it also gives IT teams insight into how well their networks are performing in real time so they can make improvements quickly when necessary (or learn if there are issues).

How Meraki can help you

Meraki’s network security platform is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade solution. It includes a variety of features thanks to the Cybersecurity companies Toledo, OH that allow you to manage your entire infrastructure with ease–including the ability to quickly deploy new devices and applications without interrupting service or requiring additional management expertise.

The Meraki Cloud Managed Firewall (MCFW) is an integrated security solution that consists of three elements: the MCFW appliance, which acts as a network firewall; the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), which enables advanced threat protection against threats such as malware, viruses and worms; and Telemetry Monitor Service (TMS), which provides real-time visibility into threats across all layers of your network so you can respond quickly when they appear online or offline.

Increase the value of your existing infrastructure

Meraki is a cloud-based solution that provides network security, visibility and management across an organization’s wired and wireless networks. The Meraki platform can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, allowing you to easily modernize your existing infrastructure with no additional hardware costs.

Meraki’s cloud architecture was designed with existing IT infrastructures in mind. This means that the solution works well with existing servers, routers and switches–and doesn’t require any extra equipment like firewalls or load balancers before it can be deployed!

With a Meraki network security solution, you get the following benefits: -Centralized visibility and control of all access points across your entire organization’s wireless infrastructure. -Visibility into real-time user activity on all devices connected to your network–including MAC addresses, IP addresses and more.

Reduce the cost of managing your network

With Cisco Meraki, you can reduce the cost and complexity of managing your network. The cloud-based solution is easy to deploy, requiring far fewer resources than traditional hardware-based solutions. You don’t need to buy or maintain any hardware–you simply need access to the Internet and an email address with which you can register your company or organization.

Once setup, all security functions are handled by the cloud platform itself: there are no additional costs associated with hiring IT staff or maintaining a physical installation of networking gear.

Access and control more resources from anywhere.

Meraki has the ability to provide you with access and control from anywhere. You can manage your network from any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Accessing your network is not only a matter of convenience; it’s also necessary for security purposes. When you are accessing remote servers or systems over the internet, there is always a risk that someone might intercept their data before it reaches its intended destination. To prevent this kind of activity, you must have secure methods of connecting with these systems–and that’s where Meraki comes into play!


If you’re interested in building a secure network, Cisco Meraki is an excellent choice. It’s a cloud-managed security and networking solution that helps you manage your network from anywhere. You can focus on your business, not the technical aspects of setting up a new network or maintaining it.

The system is easy to set up and use–it has no complex software or hardware requirements (and no additional fees).


We believe that Cisco Meraki is a company that has the potential to change the way we all live in this world. We will look at how Meraki’s technology can solve some of the most challenging problems facing our world today, from cybersecurity to mobile computing. I hope you found this blog post helpful and informative!


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