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The simplest way to create Page Stories on Facebook

The simplest way to create Page Stories on Facebook

The simplest way to create Page Stories on Facebook

Making Facebook stories for your pages isn’t a burden. 

Facebook stories for your pages can be a great way to engage with your audience via mobile and desktop. They are a great way to reach those who haven’t received updates from you in many years.

We’re aware that Facebook’s reach is decreasing. Also, is it possible that Facebook stories on pages be a solution?

Did you notice that stories appear on the desktop and mobile? I’m sure you’ve seen at least a few stories on pages or even your acquaintances by now.

If you’re looking to use this fantastic real estate asset to start a business, this is the perfect moment to start.

How to create Facebook Story Stories on Pages

Facebook began rolling out stories to pages at the end of 2018.

There are at minimum three ways to create Facebook stories for pages in the moment of writing. Each one has specific limitations. (Before you decide if these limitations can be met, be sure that you’ve got clearly defined goals in your mind for your social marketing on the internet. The free ebook we offer for download guides you through the process of setting SMART goals.)

Tell Your Story on Instagram

If you’re using Instagram stories, it is the simplest method to ensure that your accounts on Facebook are full.

As of this article’s publication date, the option is only accessible to iOS users who have an accounting business Instagram account.

Select “Story Settings.”

Scroll down, and then switch on “Share Your Story To Facebook.”

iOS users can connect the stories on their Instagram stories to the reports on their Facebook page.

iOS users can click the stories of their Instagram stories to their Facebook stories.

When this feature is activated, the story will automatically be published via Facebook. please find the reasons why groups enjoy managing their social media with

I like this method of making stories.

If you’re already comfortable with Instagram’s Instagram stories interface, you don’t need to learn anything new.

The drawback to this technique is that it isn’t possible to look at the statistics of your Facebook stories the same way as when you publish them directly on Facebook.

  • From Your Mobile
  • You can make stories on your page through the Facebook application.
  • Right-click for the camera to be opened.
  • Design your story component.
  • “Next.” Click “Next.”
  • Choose “Change” next to your Facebook profile photo on your screen.
  • Select the page that you would like to include the story on.
  • Select “Your Story.” (Your profile picture on your page should appear towards the lower right in the bottom right corner of your screen.)
  • Click the Send icon.
  • Use the camera within the Facebook app to post stories to your Facebook page.
  • Use the camera feature in the Facebook app to post stories to your Facebook page.
  • This is the most efficient method of creating stories. However, there’s a drawback.

If you are using the Business Manager, which your Business Manager manages, it is impossible to utilize this option. There’s no way to create stories in the “Pages” to create reports or the “Pages” app to create stories. (Here’s how to do it if you want to delete your page from the business manager.)

From Your Page

Log in to your Facebook account via the mobile application for Facebook.

  • Scroll down until you can see “Add to story.”
  • Select “Add to story.”
  • Tell your story, or upload a photograph or video.
  • Hit click the “Add to Story” button.
  • Include Facebook stories on your page by using the Facebook app.
  • Include Facebook stories on your Facebook page using the app.

Similar to method 2, this doesn’t work for pages owned by the Business Manager. It’s frustrating that the option is available; however, when you click to add your story to the app will stop responding.

The benefits of Facebook Stories

You are now aware of the steps. Do you want to do it? Making Facebook stories for pages can be tedious.

  • A good story should include …
  • Video
  • Imagery
  • Text
  • Decoration.

If you’re determined to get it right, it is essential to plan your activities.

What’s the purpose of all this work?

1. Reach

Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. Your customers are already there. However, connecting with them is becoming more challenging through your content. Your followers may not see even the most excellent content in the current newsfeed update.

But stories still get seen. Your account will be featured in the feed of reports on the upper right-hand side of your screen for viewers to read. This could be the most effective method of reengaging a passive audience.

2. The process of getting to get to know you

 If you want to get people to connect with your brand, it will be necessary to allow people to get to know the people who run it.

Stories provide us with the chance to share the inside story of the people and places and the procedures you follow.

3. You can also share your thoughts with others.

Facebook experts are divided. You should update the Facebook page.

I think that less is more.

A lot of content in one day could splinter your readers’ attention, So I recommend only one well-written post per day.

Some say that it’s better to have more and suggest having a shared meal six or more times per day.

The best part of stories is they allow you to publish more. In reality, you have to keep your levels updated multiple times per day, depending on when you decide to write the stories.

Get ideas for content, including examples, a calendar, and models today!

Plan Better

Facebook stories aren’t as equipped with the same function as Instagram and Snapchat stories. Features like polls and interactive elements don’t work when shared on Instagram and Snapchat, so you have to think differently.

Planning is always a way to create more exciting and interesting stories that viewers can enjoy through to the very end.

1. It’s a storyboard

It is possible to write good stories from scratch; However, if you would like your stories to stand out, you should storyboard them before the time.

Begin by deciding what story you wish to tell. Do you have a goal for your audience to gain from your account?

Do you want others to meet you?

Are you looking to offer visitors a behind-the-scenes view of the workplace?

Do you wish to teach them through a video tutorial?

Once you’ve decided on your idea, you can begin drawing your thoughts on paper. Ideally, you’ll draw boxes to represent every part of the story.

Storyboards don’t have to be masterpieces of art. Stick figures can inspire you to think visually.

Consider the storyboarding process as a dress rehearsal of your story.

2. Make sure to include the combination of image and video elements

Do you find yourself skipping through stories about a person talking into camera snap after camera snap? Facebook Stories provide you with various tools that can enhance your photos to be more attractive. Utilize a mix of images, video, and texts to keep your viewers engaged.

3. Create beautiful stories using Canva

I’ve made an example on Canva to create beautiful images for my Instagram stories. A good size to use for Instagram Story elements is 1080×20 pixels.

Having premade elements is that you can apply your colors and fonts.

4. Cutstory to create video clips. Cut story to create videos

Facebook Stories can feature videos that are of up to 20 seconds. If you’ve made a longer video and would like to break it up into pieces, Cutstory is the solution.

The application is iOS only for now (sorry, Android users). It chops your video into story-sized pieces and has a setting specifically designed for Facebook stories. (Videos may be up to 20 seconds for accounts on Facebook.)

The cut story cuts your video into 20-second pieces for Facebook stories.

You can now upload these elements, one at a to Facebook to create a seamless video within your story.

5. Create story elements using Snapseed.

Snapseed, available for iOS and Android, lets you modify and filter your photos. It offers a range of filtering tools, texts, and photo-editing tools, so you can make your story elements beautiful before uploading your images.

You can add filters and text and alter your images using Snapseed.

6. Make use of Boomerang and Hyperlapse

If you’re an Instagram story-loving user, you’re familiar with Boomerang since it’s part of the app for stories. There’s also a standalone Boomerang app for iOS or Android to make short looping videos in your accounts.

Hyperlapse is a Timelapse app on Instagram available to iOS customers only. It can increase the speed of your videos either for fun or depict the passage of time.

If you’re an Android user, there is the option of time-lapse included in your camera. Or you can make use of Hyperlapse by Microsoft to create a similar effect.


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