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The Ultimate Guide To Download Pinterest & Facebook Videos By Using Keepflick

The Ultimate Guide To Download Pinterest & Facebook Videos By Using Keepflick

We live in an era of social media and there is no doubt that social media is another world with too much information to store. Social media has become everyone’s go to place for every kind of emotion fueling up in life. For example, a person feeling low goes to social media to gather some motivation and positive vibes. While a person enjoying his dream life goes to social media to share his happiness with his friends and people sitting in any corner of the world. Similarly, every person finds his reason to be stuck with social media. And, when we talk about social media, the first name that pops in our mind is undoubtedly Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook.

Ever since Facebook came live in 2005, our life and style of sharing and connecting with people changed. Moreover, now when the number of people using Facebook has increased to more than 2.69 billion, Facebook has become a lot more than just a chatting or information sharing platform; it is now more of a marketing platform. Facebook, along with other social media is the first place where content creators and brands hit to reach potential customers.

A very similar application to Facebook is Pinterest. Pinterest is the application that attracts people with its DIY, fashion, food, and many other creative content. The application is famous for the DIY of all the daily chores and fashion stuff. But the most important part that these platforms deprive us from is the allowance to download their content directly. Whether it is Facebook or Pinterest, when there is an image you can always take a screenshot and keep it on your device in offline mode. However, the same doesn’t work for videos on Facebook and Pinterest and none of them let us download their videos directly from their site.

But we are humans and where there is a problem, we work to find the solution and the same is true here as well.To help you keep your liked videos on your device, there have been various websites with the functionality to let you download videos from Facebook and Pinterest. Here are the ways to help you download Pinterest and Facebook videos with a Pinterest and Facebook video downloader.

Guide To Convert Facebook Videos To MP4

We know that we cannot download the videos on Facebook to our phones or other devices directly, but the good part is, we have many websites to help you. One of the most promising and easy-to-use websites is Keepflick. Keepflick is the platform that allows you to convert your Facebook videos to MP4 from all the devices, Android, iPhones, iPads, and even laptops and desktop.

Convert Your Facebook Videos To MP4 On Your Device

Here are the step-by-step process to convert Facebook video to MP4 hassle-freely:

  1. Open the Facebook application on your mobile phone, or website on a web browser. Now open your account. Now search the video you wish to download.
  2. Once you choose the video to download, open the video, select the Share option below the video for Facebook and select the Copy Link option. Or copy the link from the search bar.
  3. The link to the Facebook video is copied on the clipboard, and you can close the application. Next, open a trustable Facebook video to mp4 converter, Keepflick, on the web browser you prefer.
  4. A box pops up with the quote Paste Your URL; paste the copied link there and hit download.
  5. Finally, choose the quality at which you want to download the video on your device and again hit the download option.

Thus, the selected Facebook video is converted to MP4 and hence is available on your device.

A Guide For An Efficient Pinterest Video Downloader

Here is a complete guide on how you can save your favorite Pinterest videos on your device for offline mode with the help of effective Pinterest video downloader, Keepflick:

  1. Open the Pinterest application or website on your preferred browser, and open your account. Search for the video you want to download.
  2. Open the video, select the Three-dot icon at the corner of the video, and select the Copy Link option. For the one who has used the Pinterest web, copy the URL from the search bar.
  3. Next, open Keepflick on the web browser you prefer and paste the copied link in the box with Paste Your URL quote.
  4. Finally, choose the quality of the video and then hit the download option again.

Saving Facebook & Pinterest Is Easy

With Keepflick, downloading videos is no more a topic to hang around. It is the best tool to help you convert Facebook video to MP4 and Pinterest video downloader. So, next time you find a video you want to keep safe offline or share it with others in an offline mode, you know where you have to go, Keepflick!!


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