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Home Fashion Upgrade Your Ethnic Look With Cotton Silk Saree

Upgrade Your Ethnic Look With Cotton Silk Saree

Upgrade Your Ethnic Look With Cotton Silk Saree

For an authentic Indian look suitable for any special event, opt for a cotton silk saree. They boast luxurious fabric that makes an impressionful statement about who you are!

Janardhana Silk House offers cotton sarees in various shades and designs that range from traditional to modern – offering something to meet every aesthetic! Browse their collection to add flair to your ethnic wardrobe!

1. Jacket Blouse

Enhance Your Ethnic Look With a Jacket Blouse

Want to upgrade your ethnic look? Adding a jacket blouse is a chic way of adding sophistication and class without making your ensemble too formal or heavy.

An exquisite jacket blouse design can instantly update any traditional saree into a modern ensemble. Plus, its versatility allows it to work well with various saree styles and colors!

Embroidered Jacket Blouse designs are currently trending and will likely remain fashionable for an extended period. Every fashionista must include these jacket blouses in their wardrobe to stay fashionable!

If you’re in search of an elegant jacket blouse to pair with your cotton silk saree, this embroidered piece may just be what’s needed! Not only is it beautiful and can make you feel like royalty – but its intricate embroidery will have all eyes looking at you! It will have people talking!

2. Mermaid Drape

Cotton silk sarees are lightweight, comfortable and look fantastic on all body types. Perfect for weddings and parties alike, cotton silk sarees can also easily be styled for everyday use!

Be cautious with the material you choose – lightweight fabrics such as georgette, chiffon or silk drape nicely and help make you appear taller.

Heavy fabrics such as banarasi and cotton dhakai also exist, although they don’t typically drape tightly.

Try out a mermaid drape to give your body a curvier appearance. This draping technique involves spreading pleats in the lower portion of a saree in order to emulate a mermaid tail.

Add vibrancy and sophistication to your look by modernizing the way you drape a saree with the addition of a belt. A belt can help define waist lines while adding character.

3. Layered Neckpieces

Layered necklaces are an easy and fun way to add personality and flair to any ensemble, while simultaneously framing your face and emphasizing your neckline.

When purchasing layered necklaces, try different lengths and see which works best. Perhaps collar, choker, and princess lengths would suit you best depending on your body type and face shape.

Avoid tangling when layering necklaces to achieve an elegant and polished appearance. Mix up the chains to create even gaps between them, and don’t wear your longest chain first to prevent it from getting tangled with other pieces.

Crafting a layered necklace display is straightforward. Simply use an easel and mannequin, center each necklace around a particular theme (color, material or occasion) for maximum impact.

4. Statement Belts

No matter what ethnic look you’re going for, cotton silk sarees make for the perfect finishing touch. Pairing yours with an eye-catching belt, accessorizing with complementary jewelry pieces and playing around with different draping styles will help you create an eye-catching ensemble sure to turn heads.

Statement belts add drama and create a flattering silhouette when worn correctly. Depending on your body type, a wide belt may create the appearance of a slimmer waist while narrow belts offer more definition to any look.

Statement belts make an eye-catching accessory when worn over skirts or coats; however, pants can also benefit from wearing one as a statement piece. When selecting the size that best matches the loops of your pants.

Gold or silver chain belts make an excellent finishing touch to casual or formal outfits alike, adding sophistication and adding some pop. Wear one with solid-color dresses or full-body tonals for added effect.


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