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Home Business What is the Best Option Re-Roofing or Roof Replacement at Your Home in Alameda?

What is the Best Option Re-Roofing or Roof Replacement at Your Home in Alameda?

What is the Best Option Re-Roofing or Roof Replacement at Your Home in Alameda?

Roof replacements are bound to happen over time because the structure above your head will not last forever. You are perhaps aware that the roof above your head needs care because it is constantly exposed to the wrath of nature. Hence, you may have done some maintenance or repair work, but they can only delay the inevitable. At some stage, you will need to completely replace your roof and there are some indicators that the time could be drawing near. 

As you take a look at the papers, they give the first indication of the need for a replacement. If the papers indicate that the time is up, you must go for a roof replacement irrespective of the condition. If there are major damages and they are happening on a more frequent basis, then perhaps you must book an Alameda roof replacement service from a professional roofing company. It is always better to get the replacement work done by experts because it is a hands-on job. 

As a homeowner, you may have to take a few decisions, at the time you decide on a roof replacement. The question that could be bothering you is whether you opt for a complete roof replacement or a re-roofing. This could be your dilemma and we discuss both of these concepts. This should help clear the air. 

What precisely is re-roofing

The process of re-roofing is that you place a new layer of shingles on your existing roof. It is a simple technique of slapping a new layer of shingles over what you have already got. This concept has certain advantages over complete roof replacement. Here are the benefits for readers. 

  • The concept of re-roofing involves a significantly lower spend of financial resources than a complete replacement of the roof. As you engage in re-roofing you are doing one function less because there is no need to remove the old roof. The only work to do here is to attach the new shingles. Hence, the roofing company is going to bill you lower. 
  • The process of re-roofing skips half the step and this is the reason why it can be finished a lot faster than the replacement. 
  • A roof replacement will for some time leave the living space exposed to the weather. That is because the roof will have to be pulled down and it will take some time for the new one to be in place. However, this will not happen in the case of a re-roofing because the installation takes place over the existing roof. Hence, at no stage, your living space will be exposed to nature. 

What is a roof replacement

The process of roof replacement involves pulling down the old roof and installing a brand new one in its place. It is a bit more capital intensive than re-roofing, but it comes with its share of benefits. 

1. Roof replacement is a long-term solution, whereas re-roofing simply pushes the lifespan of the roof for a few more years. Re-roofing is something, which you can do only once and a much more sustainable solution is the complete replacement of the roof. 

2. Re-roofing is like doing some patchwork, but the complete roof replacement solves the problem head-on. 

3. If the damage to the roof is intense, then re-roofing will not work and you will have to opt for a complete replacement. 


There has been a detailed discussion on both the concepts of re-roofing & roof replacement. If you can spend the resources and more importantly, are eager for a long-term roofing solution, it is better to completely replace the roof. A complete roof replacement will make sure that you do not have to think about the roof for the next two decades.


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