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What is the career option in Software Testing in 2022?

What is the career option in Software Testing in 2022?

The profile of software testers has changed dramatically over the last decade. Testing has become a key element for several product applications/implementations and companies have recognized the importance of structurally testing applications before they are brought to market. Testing has created some norms and types, and knowledge of these different types of testing has increased the inherent value of software testers. From the monotonous test player, various career opportunities for the testing community have developed.  Our Software Testing Course is developed by industry experts who are indulged in the software field.

Career Opportunities for Software Testing Professionals:

These days, exams are seen as a good career for many ambitious young people. As noted above, one can move from test technician to primary test technician, from test lead to test manager; If not, you can become a QA manager. The options available in the testing tool are huge. In addition, to test management tools such as HP Quality Center, IBM CQTM, etc., there are several tools for testing functionality, performance, and security.

The demand for specialized skills such as SOA testers and security testers is increasing. There is a shortage of skills in the area of ​​test automation – scripting skills in tool languages ​​like VB, Java, and other scripting languages ​​like Perl, Shell, Python, etc., technical resources with the ability to evaluate automation tools, create frameworks for automation and usable components much-needed return. There is always a need for good performance testers who can analyze performance test results, identify bottlenecks, and suggest tuning techniques.

Is software testing a lucrative profession? Why choose it as a profession?

Data is at the core of everything that happens around us today, and software/applications and data share a direct connection. With so many new products and services that we come across every day, the role of software testers will never go away. It is a lucrative profession that remains here. Professionals are offered attractive salaries averaging 5 lakhs per year based on the national average for India. The amount varies depending on experience. We cannot ignore the fact that testing software is an easy skill. From now on, everything will be controlled through software and data management. This is the best time to enter the field. The Automation Testing Training is the right skill to enhance your career life.

Specializations remain in testing careers – below are some of the key areas one needs to specialize in to advance in their testing career, apart from having a good working knowledge of software lifecycle testing processes.

  • Well knowledge of the application domain is a plus for test professionals. There are always areas like BFSI, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, embedded, etc. For each of these areas, there are several certificates available for examiners to certify.
  • Tool Skills – There is a huge demand for automation and quality testers. Good scripting skills from these tools are essential for success in test automation. Knowledge of creating, validating, and improving test automation frameworks is required.
  • Some other institutions offer special certificates for testing. This certification increases customer confidence in testing professionals. CQTM and PMP are some of the management certificates that help examiners climb up the career ladder. Test instrument certifications offered by vendors like HP enhance one’s technical capabilities.
  • Role Areas – Specialists predict that niche areas such as SOA testing and security testing will become important in the testing space. Many tools are made in this area. As testing professionals, we need to be aware of where the industry is heading and update our knowledge in the area.

Updating knowledge is an ongoing process. Some websites like sticky minds, and QAForums give a good idea of ​​various aspects of the testing arena. We always ask our team members to spend at least two hours a week on selected sites to stay up to date with current events and happenings.

Creating test sites and test environments for complex projects requires good technical skills, and these tasks can usually be automated using scripts and shell coding. To ensure quality and increase productivity, the company focuses on automation that eliminates repetitive work. Our QA Analysis Training is a premium course for techy people who wish to enhance their careers.

In the software development life cycle, the role of the tester begins early on by performing requirements analysis, failure analysis, and providing initial information about business functionality to various stakeholders. Moreover, with the changing technology and complexity of cloud applications, how applications interact with mobile devices is undoubtedly a test for the industry. Finally, with many changes and new technology trends, software testing is an inevitable part of the industry.


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